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Haha gutted lol I'm sure my time will come :-)

Got the coffin bean for £14 in Asda ^_^ wasn't going to get it.....but for only £14? you'd pay more than that for the doll alone xD yes please.


And basics are down to £8 there too. But I think this means my Asda's waving their toys bye bye until next christmas again :(

Jinafire's in stock on for amyone interested! I just ordered her after trying to get her for weeks! (Always missed her whenever she was in stock) it came to £23 including delivery! Nooooot bad I say! I am so desperate for this doll!! Squee!

£14!? Damn, the coffin bean was full price in my Asda yesterday otherwise i'd have got it. I do hate how Asda do these regional prices, it's so frustrating especially because down here in London region nowhere ever lowers their prices it seems.

Are stores starting to look a little denuded with the sudden christmas rush or are we still drowning in venus/Robecca/lagoona sets? tesco has so many of them I think it'll be quite some time before we see an end to them.

Smyths have an ETA on their new stock. Most is Jan, eugh. Thing is, I don't doubt that this close to christmas. It's frustrating though because it likely means middle of Jan. I suppose it'll do my wallet good, but eugh.

Anyone had any luck finding Scaris Deuce then? I wonder if we'll see the picking him out of boxes thing they're seeing in the US, where people are opening each new box, taking only him out, putting the rest back on the shelves and buying a stack of Deuce dolls to resell at insane prices.

Already a few have shown up on Ebay for close to £40 and it really irritates me. It's not just the greed of the people listing them up BIN for that, it's the idiocy of those who encourage it by buying th edamn thing in the first place. "Oh I HAVE to get it for my kid" no you don't, about time they learned that sometimes they won't get everything they wished for in life. -_-

I wish I could post a comment on the auction screaming "GO TO TRU! They're £12:99!" but alas.

ALL the new lines are being sold for stupendous prices on ebay and Amazon. All because people are desperate for the new stuff for christmas and the new stock has shown up so patchily and in such random places. Why are TRU and Asda the ONLY stores with new stock? It's so bizarre and it's creating this false economy. The dolls shouldn't be hard to find, Mattel sorted out distribution we THOUGHT but maybe the stores screwed up and ordered too late for Christmas? I dunno, whatever the case, tesco, argos etc have really shot themselves in the foot not having anything new on the shelves and the resellers are making an absolute killing off the desperation of overindulgent parents.

And Woolworths! I think that's also part of the "family". Let me check .... yep! They're on! All of them! Yay!

claire gilding said:

Littlewoods have scaris car, cafe set, ghouls alive dolls and scaris travel range including jinafire. Estimated despatch date is 5 weeks time though. The prices are always higher on littlewoods too so try Very also. I get cashback through littlewoods so thats the only reason i use them.

£23 is actually really good. I was expecting £29.99. But 5 weeks! I can't wait 5 weeks! Hopefully that's overestimated so that no one gets them late. I just really want GA! Clawdeen and S JinaFire. I hope they'll be in other places first.

But I still can't get over the price! It's the same as GR and S1600! You people should see me right now, I'm doing a happy yay dance :D

no deuce in stockport, manchester or oldham, 6 dolls per shelf space in TRU's i went to... 3 draculaura, 1 ghoulia, 2 abbey, no skelita on shelves plenty of scaris frankie and a dash of rochelles...

Tesco had less stock than last time, only three core boxes on the upper shelf this time!

But yeah, still all old stuff, shelves stocked so full the dolls are falling off the shelves!

I called Mattel regarding my errored DC Howleen as well. They told me to send her back and they'll send me vouchers, which isn't the best of options given I can't walk around stores searching for a damn replacement but that's how Mattel UK work so I can't really complain. At least they've agreed to refund me in some respect.

No idea how long it'll be before I can find a replacement. Asda had NO DC  and Argos won't get new stock till the 22nd but they'll send me Argos vouchers and i'll see if I can use them on catalogue launch day or something, put them toward a PD doll or something.

So yeah, rather annoyed I can't order replacements online for a decent price, it's all scalpers scalpers overpriced and i'm unable to wander from store to store. A trip to the supermarket to pick up MILK leaves me in terrible pain so yeah, sucks. Feeling a bit down about that. I'm gonna have to open Rochelle tonight maybe, make myself feel better huh?

Opening dolls does lessen pain, I found this out after giving birth in April and having three MH dolls to open when I was able to!

Smyths online has them..but out of stock. My local asda has the dance class dolls!!

Got basic Scaris Ghoulia at TRU (Woking) today. Again they only had Clawdeen and Frankie deluxe, but had 1 Ghoulia, which i nabbed, a load of Abbeys and a Draculaura from the basic line. 

I am amused by how many SS Ghoulias there are still hanging around in TRU... someone oops'd on their orders i think!

So Scaris Budget are definitely out then. I only want Draculaura out of them, but I just know I'll be persuaded by one of the others in the end.

I so wish Smyths had all those dolls in stock! This feels exactly like last year. The curse of "out of stock" has returned.


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