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Very dissaptioned with these dolls, I dont like them so much...

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A lot of people are saying that Robecca's head looks weird , maybe it's cause she has pastel make-up on? 

i want them!! they are so pretty

I just noticed Operetta's box art is different from the doll. On the box art her skirt looks see through (makes her look more like a beach doll), mask is a different color and her hair is a different style and no bandana. Robecca and Lagoona's hair look different too. So I wonder if these are the final products or will they look a little differently.

I have to agree with you...these look weird. The box arts are too childish maybe? Officially the first line that I don't like at all!

That Howleen is adorable... but otherwise they are sort of "meh".

Mattel really needs to stop with the cheap line dolls and release more fashions packs.

I need more dolls like a hole in the head...

Maybe in person they'll look better, but right now I'm thinking Howleen is a cutie and the rest are just "meh" as Shannanigan says. 

I love the lagoona one. Her hair looks really pretty and her face looks super cute!

where did u find these?

close ups

I am really disappointed with this line, and I usually like all MH lines at least a little. I was just expecting so much more. I might pick up the howleen because she is cheap.

I really thought that Robecca would have been so cute in some super colorful parachute pants and kind of a dubstep dance outfit. Howleen looked more hip hop in her original release =/. Lagoona looks really plain, I think an 80's style leotard, with tights, leg warmers and a baggy off the shoulder shirt would have been awesome for ballet. I actually like the Operetta but she doesnt look ready for dancing, more like she is getting ready to do laundry and clean the house (or catacombs).

Theses dolls don't really have a 'wow, gotta have' factor for me. Lagoona is cute, but not too different from all the other Lagoonas released; Howleen is cute too, but not too sure I like the hair color for her (I sense a reroot in the future); Robecca... something's off, but I don't know what; and Operetta just doesn't wow me at all.

Overall, they're mediocre, and I'm kind of disappointed as well. I would have liked to see just a tad bit more detail on them, or at least had a more classic/traditional dance outfit with some creepy embellishment (or looked more like the boxart; I love Lagoona's octopus ballerina outfit, but it didn't translate well into the actual doll.)

I think it's nice that Howleen will be available for those who didn't grab the 2 pack. :)


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