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Yes it has finally happened! Monster High will invade McDonald's locations October 11th! The Happy Meal toys will indeed be 3 thats it 3 BUCKETS for trick or treaters! Featuring of course our favorite ghouls, Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen Wolf! THAT'S IT, NO FIGURES, NO DOLLS, JUST BUCKETS!

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Im wondering that IF this is indeed happening, then why show Batman and Wizard of Oz toys on their site as being the next toys to arrive at McDonalds.

I just went to the McDonalds' website and found the following two (2) flashboxes for Justice. I also did not see anything about Monster High, however, perhaps it isn't ready to deploy just yet???

OP clearly states October 11.
Also the person who originally took the photo stated that there is another set of toys before Monster High/Angry Birds come out.

Makes sense it would happen closer to Halloween.  Makes me laugh though when I think of all the parents I know, or have been around at the PTA , that openly sneer at the mere mention of the brand driving through McD's after soccer practice to find these ghouls "invading" their girls' Happy Meals.  - Lol. Good.

Groovy I've been waiting for that day to come I wonder if they'll make figures of the dolls or if they'll make accessories like they do with Barbie or Hello Kitty.

That's awesome. I can't wait to see them.

One more thing to add to my daughters shopping list. Smh.

After I worked hard to lose 35 pounds this past year, McD's is trying to sabotage all my hard work.  Thanks, dorks.  >P

i wonder how much the toys would  cost, i frakken hate mc'd's well cept their chocochipfrappe mmmmm

I have purchased just the toy before and the cost varies from restaurant to restaurant. But they run anywhere from .99 to 1.59 in my experience. 

I'd like if the MH meals are the McD's annual Halloween pail with a sticker sheet lid.  The pail would get more use here as a storage bucket for their clothes and bits than any toy or accessory would. DIY decorating with the stickers is fun too.

Oh, and it seems there were 3 different Scooby Doo buckets last year and they were released in mid-Oct.'12. So, hopefully.






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