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Ideas for Super Hero High/Ever After High/Monster High Crossovers

I hope that DC Super Hero Girls' Super Hero High somehow joins Monster High and Ever After High's universe.

Chariclo Cupid would make a great super hero. I feel like I've seen fanart of this, but I can't find it anywhere.

Imagine the Power Ghouls meeting the DC Super Hero Girls.

Imagine a Scarily Ever After/Ever After High movie. Imagine Monster versions of Ever After High characters and human versions of Monster High characters. Imagine getting Evil Queen Cleo and Fairy Godmother Abbey dolls.

I have a feeling that Harley would get along fantastically with the Wonderlanders. 

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Love the Power ghouls / Super heroes high idea. Can't wait for the DC super heroes high line. I thought for sure would see them by xmas but I just only bought the GSR haven't even seem Brand boo students.

I feel like Harley and Kitty Cheshire and Maddie should be best friends.

This is only semi-related but I want to make Widowna into a version of Lloth (Dark elf spider diety)


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