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Hey guys and ghouls! Howleen Wolf here. I've decided to start doing reviews on stuff like movies, tv, books, and music. For my first post in this category, I've decided to do 2 A-plus movie reviews: one old, one new.


The first review is an old movie: Ace Ventura: Pet Detctive. In this movie, a guy who helps people find there lost pets, sometimes stolen. He gets an enormis case: trying to find the Miami Dolphins mascot, a live dolphin named Snowflake. Also, let's put out thre that Ace is crazy. Back to the review, he finds out it was taken by an old quaterback named Ray Finkle (not a real quaterback, FYI). He wanted revenge on Dan Marino after blaming him for costing them the superbowl. He disguised hmself as a girl named Lois and joined the police force. I won't reveal anymore of the plot, to save spoilers. A truly hillarious movie.


The new movie is Cars 2. Many people hate it, but I loved it. In this movie, Lightning McQueen gets invited to race in the World Gran Prix, an internatinol race made out of three parts: One in Tokyo, one in Itay, and one in London. He invites Mater to come with him. Well there's a big concpericy going on. And guess who gets mistaken for a spy. Mater! One thing I would like to point out is the cast. Some of the most famous stars,such as Michel Caine playing Finn McMissle, Emly Mortimer playing Holley Shiftwell (my personal fave), and Eddie Izzard playing Miles Axelrod. With an ending nobody expected, awesome characters, and hillarious moments, this is an amazing movie.






Howleen Wolf




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Comment by Howleen Wolf on December 25, 2011 at 11:12am

BTW, I made a mistake. Ray wasn't a quaterback, he's, okay, I forgot.

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