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Ghouls Nite Out! RP

Started this discussion. Last reply by Aliena♥Marz Aug 12, 2011. 74 Replies

Okay So its a Ghould Nite Out, basicly, but its every nite! We are at the Maul, of course! you can be at the food court, arcade, or whatever store u like!To join you HAVE to be invited.  If u want to…Continue

FunLand RP

Started this discussion. Last reply by Aliena♥Marz Aug 12, 2011. 122 Replies

Welcome to FunLand! The hottest theme park around! All of the ghouls and guys have tickets and are super stoked and are ready to ride all of the rides! Esspessially the Tourture Twister. No one has…Continue

Tags: FunLand


Started this discussion. Last reply by Ivy Bominable™ May 8, 2011. 19 Replies

Ok Ghouls, i luv contests :)RULES:*Must draw YOUR ORIGINAL prediction of Spectra or Abbey*Bios always give bonus points!*Must not be drawn by someone else*Contest ends whenever the dolls come…Continue


Moo! (Translation: Welcome! Enjoy your stay!) ~Cows have alot to say in one Moo

Heloo Guyz and Ghouls


Below are Cow smileys, Feel free to use! Cow smiley 2

     BTW, I named the cow Mimi MooMoo :)

cow smiley #6119 cow smiley #6120 cow smiley #6121 cow smiley #6122 cow smiley #6123 cow smiley #6124 cow smiley #6125 cow smiley #6126 cow smiley #6127 cow smiley #6128 cow smiley #6134cow smiley #6135cow smiley #6201cow smiley #6129cow smiley #6130cow smiley #6131cow smiley #6132cow smiley #6133

  My name is Maddie but I prefer to be called Miss-Mad. I absalutely LOVE Cows!!! they are super cute and cuddly. I had a pet one before. She was tame and I tamed her myself and I named her Milk Dud. She might be at Mickey D's rite now, with that special sauce that is awesomesauce!

 Any who, Here are my OCs!


Madison El Dablo~ Devil

Angelica Black~ Fallen Angel

Luna Goodnite~ Monster Under Your bed

Wanda McMagikton~ Witch

Julieta Love~ Cupid

Julia Swamps~ Swamp Monster

Draculayla~ Dracula

Victoria Skellington~ Jack and Sally Skellington

Bella Corpse~ Corpse Bride

Trollina Bridgeburg~ Troll

Trixie Pixie~ Pixie

Wun Hornica~ Unicorn

Annabelle Haunts~ Ghost

Stacy Geromatta~ Lady Gaga

Bekka Enko~ Bakenko

Katrina Kong~ King Kong

Kevin Kong~ King Kong

Mikkayla Reaper~ Grim Reaper

Ashely Bombinable~ Yeti


Gifts for Me? Oh u shouldn't have!

^ By Rei Rei

^ By Camila

^ by Xibira

^ By CatsRMyLife (My MHD Beastie!)

reequest:madison and luna

^ by Alice May




About Me!

Killer style: I like super short shorts and Graphic Tees. I am obsessed with hello kitty graphic tees! I also have an ANGRY BIRDS tee that i wuvs.

Freaky Flaw: I smile when I lie, and I am very giggly and dramatic XD Im also a nerd at heart

Biggest Pet peeve: CSI~ Cant Stand Idiots

Fave Activity: Skiing and drawing and traveling

Pets: Muffin my little Nyan Cat (no not really I just call her that XD) and Dude my yeller lab

BFFs: on MHD, CatsRMyLife and Aliena Marz! MHDBBFs!!! (Monster High Dolls Best Buddies Forever!!!)

Fave School Subject: History and Art (shame they took art away from my school >:3)

Least Fave School Subject: MUSIC! (Shame they didn't take THAT away instead! >:3)

Fave Colors: Red, Lime, and Turquoise.

Fave Food: Sushi, Fries, and BIRTHDAY CAKE ICE CREAM!



Crystal Agnew for Crystal Agnew~ Sketch and Recolor

Dragonetta Flame for Spectra Vondergiest (Offical)~ Recolor



Next week, August 1-5 I will be at ANOTHER camp. NOT a sleepaway camp, just a camp. I will squeeze in time to do MHD but other wise I will be busy. Also, I got a new computer, and it dosent have paint. Untill then, No Recolors! Also, when I get paint, Recolors only if its an AT. I also have to see how to upload pics on here from my camera. So Sorry, No Requests for now.... Also I'm working on Madi's diary! Somthing to look foward to! :) LOL 




(pronounced Missumaddo)

(Japaneese for Miss-Mad)

 BTW, I also like NYAN CAT!!

and im a sucker for hello Kitty


and Harajuku, Pucca, Fruits Basket, basicly anything anime!


My other accounts~

Webkinz- luvMTS

DeviantArt- Miss-Mad-36 (I dont go on there anymore)

Stardoll- MiniMooPosh

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Posted on June 28, 2011 at 6:36pm 0 Comments

Guys and Ghouls.... Mark your calanders... Because

(Drumroll please)


(and art trades, Most likely art trades XD)


Comment on my page for your request :)


Oh, and I dont own an Abbey doll for whom who are wondering. The image is C) PICKLEPUD on flickr



thanks for reading :)

Track Team

Posted on May 30, 2011 at 7:44pm 1 Comment

Is your OC looking for a fun, active sport that boost both speed and endurance? Why not sign up for the track team? We have lots of open spaces, and fun sports like long jump, running races, hurdles, high jump and much much more!



Abbey Info!!

Posted on May 20, 2011 at 4:48pm 0 Comments





Abbey Bominable

Daughter of The Yeti

AGE: 16

FREAKY FLAW: At altitude, talking is an oxygen waste so words are pointed. I am often puncturing the feelings of the monsters below the mountain here. Also I am cold, both in the touching and being touched.

PET SIDEKICK: Shiver is my wooly mammoth. Her feelings being the kind not so easily…


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At 11:11pm on January 24, 2012, ♥Katniss✪Everdeen♥ (Gir) gave 牛★☆Mιςς-Mαd the Uςhι★☆牛 a gift
At 9:57am on October 29, 2011, Nikki Harrison said…
Oh cool:)
At 10:21pm on October 28, 2011, Nikki Harrison said…
Were did you find the Opretta Chibi pic and thanks!:)
At 10:40pm on October 27, 2011, Nikki Harrison said…
 I <3 your chibi picture of Oprettta!:)
At 3:43am on October 18, 2011, jsplatinum said…
thanks for the comment on my contest entry!
At 8:53pm on October 16, 2011, Luna B. said…
thank you for the comment :3
At 7:56am on August 14, 2011, homo sapien said…

make daughter of the MAD COW!

she is white with black spots!

At 10:52am on August 5, 2011, Aliena♥Marz said…
sure!you could make a group pic.that would be awesome!
At 9:11am on August 1, 2011, Nobody said…
I can just imagine them all singing... lol
At 8:19am on July 31, 2011, Sandee Witch said…
Hey! Just to answer your question, there was a pic up on this site a while ago showing a Gloom Beach 5 pack. It included Gloom Beach Ghoulia, who you can't get separately! It might be another UK only one, though. I'm not sure :)

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