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Help! Transgendered Character!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Witch Doctor May 18, 2013. 3 Replies

   I have a Female To Male transgendered character named Lucas. I want to make a doll for him, but I have no idea. My plans:   Get C.A. Cupid doll. (I chose her because her face is the closest to…Continue

Tags: care, custom, help, mod, lucas

Slumber Party Role Play!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Alexa May 12, 2012. 186 Replies

    ((Characters of mine that are being used: Wolfgang Dolittle (Son of Dr. Dolittle) Fawnee Deere (Daughter of the Fauns) Irona Metallic (Daughter of The Androids) Davita Banner (Daughter of The…Continue

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Final Chapter of How Wolfgang and Davita Met

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 4:40pm 0 Comments


Davita woke up on Thursday. Early, very early. She woke up an hour earlier than she normally did, but she didn’t go back to sleep. She got dressed in a pale pink top, a pastel orange skirt that almost went down to her knees, and she wore black flats with little black flowers on them. She did her makeup, the way Wolfgang showed her. She sniffed the eyeliner because it was just a beautiful smell that reminded her of Wolfgang.

    He’s so sweet, she though to herself, he’s like…


Tiny Snip-it Scenes I Have No Use For!

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 4:39pm 0 Comments

    Mosuyo looked at the plane. She had to leave Japan. She was half moth half human, and all the RADs were in America. So she, Mosuyo had to leave Japan, all her friends, too, and go to America. She didn’t know how to speak English, or really any other languages besides Japanese, and she wondered how many people there could communicate with her. Mosuyo knew two words in English, and those words were “Stupid Westerner.”

    Thomas looked at the shelves. He could only…


Calling Wonderful Artists! (No, not a contest)

Posted on March 28, 2012 at 6:00pm 2 Comments

   I have a problem. A conjoined twin sort of problem. I have Siamese Twins...They're also siamese were-cats...Lawan and Chailai. Lawan is preppy, and has long dark brown hair down to her waist, with a red head band, a red shirt, a denim skirt, and red nail polish on her one paw. Chailai, who's on the right, wears khakis, a white blouse, black hipster glasses, and no nail polish. She has her dark brown hair cut into a classy bob.

   They have three breasts, each girl has one and a…


How Wolfgang and Davita Met Chapter 3

Posted on March 21, 2012 at 9:38pm 2 Comments

Chapter 3

   By this time, Davita wanted to be friends with Wolfgang even more then she used to. He seemed so kind, and unique. Every new person you meet, is a new mystery to solve, and this mystery was going to be a long, yet fun, mystery.

   Davita looked at her old Incredible Hulk comics that she begged for when she was little. Her father, was David Banner of course, and Davita was…


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:3 FC's Page


Hi! :3

You can call me FC!



This part is in progress. OCs will be shown, all of them eventually. If you wish to help me and draw an OC for me, please comment down below. If you don't know any of my OCs to draw, go ahead and ask me which one I need the most. I currently need Irona Metallic (Android) the most. Thankyou so much for helping, and reading.

Lucas Watson:

(Both pictures by me at FCFlamingCatFC at )

Age: 15

Parents: My father's a satyr, and my mother's a human.

Killer style: I wear a lot of flannels and hoodies. Some could call my style hipster-like. I wear a lot of layers, even in the summer.

Freaky flaw: My hooves make me really clumsy. I'm awful at running, partially because of my clumsiness, and the other part because my lungs are really bad from second-hand smoking and a current broken rib, and two broken ribs in the past.

Favorite color: Green, like my eyes, one of my only good features.

Favorite food: I really like tea, but I guess that's not a food.

Biggest pet peeve: People who practically make up their problems. I've got enough to worry about, I don't have to listen to you complain about how your friend doesn't like your skirt or something.

Favorite activity: I play flute, but I have pretty bad breath control. I used to sing, but I kind of had to quit. I also hate my voice, it's very feminine. I also draw. I mainly draw cats.

Pet: None

Favorite school subject: Art

Least favorite school subject: Gym. I am not very muscular or strong, nor am I good at running. I also hate the uniforms. They're very revealing. I always wear an undershirt.

Friends: Daisy (Sort of a fren-emy, after she called me "A girls' soprano" and tried to get me to play Gavroche in Le Mis, saying "Tons of girls play little boys"), Rita, and my best friend Jordan

(If you want to draw him, go ahead. I'll post your picture on here if you want, and give you credit.)

Lawan and Chailai Som:


This was drawn by Angel Of Peace/Daughter of Evil from MHF.


Age: We're 16.

Monster Parent: We're Siamese Werecats.

Killer Style:

Lawan: I prefer my red miniskirt and my green tubetop, with my red hair band, but Chailai prefers classy things.

Freaky Flaw: Because we're conjoined twins, it's hard to get around. But we manage.

Lawan: But when Chailai listens to her music too loudly while I'm trying to sleep, it's really annoying.

Favourite Activity:

Chailai: I'm on the debate team, but Lawan hates it when I drag her into a debate.

Lawan: I love interior designing, but Chailai hates it when I drag her around the store to get new furniture for our room.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Eachother.

Favourite School Subject:  Chailai: Lawan really likes Woodshop, but I really enjoy Home Ec.

Least Favourite School Subject: We hate PE, we can't do most of the phsyical things, but they make us take a lot of written tests.

Favourite Color: We both like red.

Food: Fish Pa Tong, it's fried dough with fried fish.

BFFs: Davita, Wolfgang, and Fawnee.


My sister is working on drawing the twins, if you want to draw them, I'm open to having multiple pictures on here.


Rufus Alton:



 Age: 16

Monster Parent: The Gremiciln (Werecat)

Killer Styler: I love my plaid flannels.

Freaky Flaw: My ears and tail show my every emotion. It's very annoying.

Pet: A German Shepard named Daisy. She's very loud, and always wants to play.

Favourite Activity: Dancing. I don't really tell anybody, because I'm an amature at it, but I like to dance on my freetime.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people judge others for things like color of skin, or sexuality.

 Favourite School Subject: Home Ed, I love to sew.

Least Favourite School Subject: Math, I don't understand it.

Favourite Color: Orange

Favourite Food: Salmon with a little lemon.

BFFs: Wolfgang (By boyfriend), Manny, Thomas, and Lucas.


If you want to draw him, go ahead.


Manny Quinn :


Made by Apple Jack (Hates To PC.) 

Age: I don't even know...It's been years since I was made in the factory.

Monster Parent: The Mannequinn

Killer Style: I love my hoodies, especially the ones that I can stuff to make me look like I have a head. Literally.

Freaky Flaw: Well, I don't really have a head. It makes conversations odd, because people wonder how I talk. That's why I stuff my hoodies to make it look like I have a head.

Favourite Activity: Playing videogames and watching anime with Thomas. We've watched so many anime, he calls me Onii-chan. (Big Brother)

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people think people that watch anime are creepy Japan addicts. We don't shout "Moon Powah!" while running around in terrible cosplay...Well, most of us don't.

Favourite School Subject: English. I like reading books.

Least Favourite School Subject: Spanish, I'm terrible at learning new languages.

Favourite Color: Blue

Favourite Food: I can't really eat. I've never had food.

BFFs: Thomas (We've been friends since 1st grade), Wolfgang, Lucas, Rufus



Daisy by Crunchy-Mutt on DeviantArt. (My sister.)


Age: 16

Monster Parent: The Thunderbird

Killer Style: My sister helps me choose out comfortable modest native american inspired clothing. My little sister puts paper tags on them, reading in braille what they are so I kniow what I'm wearing.


Freaky Flaw: I don't get angered easily, but when I do, I'm very angry. I often use my manipulating powers for bad. All I have to do is stare at them with my eyes wide open. Not simple knowing exactly where their eyes are, but I've managed for the past two years of being blind.


Favourite Activity: I love singing and playing the guitar.


Biggest Pet Peeve: When people  complain about "bad weather." I don't see anything wrong with wonderful rain and glorious sounds of thunder.


Favourite School Subject: Music.


Least Favourite School Subject: History. The textbooks always act like native americans were animals, and are all wrong about the stories they told.


Color: I think this is an obvious "none."


Food: Quail. Thunderbirds love small birds.


BFF's: Lucas, and Rufus.



(No Picture Yet)


Age: 16

Monster: Black Eyed Kid

Killer Style: I always wear dark shirts so my interpreter can see my hands better. I pair dark shirts with skinny jeans and combat boots.

Freaky Flaw: Well, this could be a flaw, I'm not sure. I can really easily manipulate people, and sometimes I find myself doing it by accident.

Pet: I have a large family of naked mole rats. I love to see them tunnel, and how they can get around despite being blind. People tell me that they communicate by a series of squeals, but I have course have not heard one.

Favourite Activity: I'm not really exciting or anything, so I just cook.

Biggest Pet Peeve: The hearing. Okay, I know it's mean to judge, and not all hearing are mean, but they can be very judgemental or stupid at times.

Favourite Subject: Wood and Home Ec. I love making furniture, and although I'm awful at sewing, I love Home Ec because I get to cook.

Least Favourite School Subject: Art. I got a choice of Music and Art, so I obviously chose Art, but I'm awful at it.

Favourite Color: Dark Grey

Favourite Food: I love pork dumpling with sauerkraut. 

BFF's: Redd, my interpreter, Lucas and Lawan and Chailai.

This is by my friend from school, using :

It's October. She doesn't have a Bio yet.











Like I said, if you want to draw anyone of them, go ahead. This page is still a work in progress.





























Thanks for reading. :3

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