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Hi there!


I'm looking to buy these outfits (preferably with accessories, diaries, etc.):


Frankie: Gloom Beach, Dead Tired, Classroom set, Sweet 1600

Draculaura: Skull Shores, Dead Tired, Sweet 1600, Newspaper Club (USED), Fearleading

Clawdeen: Wave 1 (socks, necklace, skirt only), Scream Uniform (USED)

Lagoona: Wave 1 (Shoes, shorts, necklace, flower, bracelet, purse only), Dead Tired, Classroom (shoes)

Cleo deNile: Wave 1 (headband only), fearleading

Abbey: Basic (tights)

Clawd: Basic

Ghoulia: Basic, Gloom Beach, Dead Tired (no shoes), Fearleading

Spectra: Basic (necklace)


I also have a few items for sale:


GB Cleo's head: free, just pay shipping.



Thanks for looking :)

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Deleted my old thread, as it got kind of long and inaccurate :)

Bump :)

How much would you want for Cleo's lower arms and hands?  I just received a Cleo missing the lowers :)



I think I have Ula D's fearleading outfit somewhere... let me dig it out. Shoes, dress, tights and pom poms right?

Jess: $5, shipping included
Monkfish: ooh yes please :D if you can find her white skullette earrings too, that would be great.

Sent you a message!

My local Kmart had Clawdeen's Scream Team uniform this weekend and hardly anyone shops there, do you still need it?  I could pick it up on my next trip.


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