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Madison Olympus is holding her annual winter ball! AND your invited!

It is being held at Madison's house, so here's what its basically made up of:

When you walk in, there is a grand staircase. Before the grand staircase, their is the ballroom.

It is festively decorated, this year's theme is " Walking in a winter wonderland."

The roof is strung with tiny paper snowflakes, and their is a food table bursting to the seams with delicious holiday sweets.  

Madi's house is hard to miss. It is a large marble palace, built on four creamy pillars.


1. No godmodding, mary-sues, or power-playing. Not cool.

2. Please don't drama it up with death, and keep the romance PG. Most is OK.

3. Only mild swearing.

4. Please understand I can deny you access to the RP, Or kick you out.


Please tell us what OC your being and describe their attire. 

Let's start in the comments! :D Max. of 2 OC's.



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((I'll probably be:
Nikki: A white dress with ice blue leggings and white heels. 
Max: Black dress pants, a white shirt, and a green tie. 
Kora: Pale green dress and white heels.))

Nikki pulled up to Madis house and gasped. It was HUGE! She walked into the ballroom and ran as fast as she could in heels to go see Madi. 
Max was fiddling with his tie at home getting ready to go to Madi's party. He picked up his phone and saw his background of him and Nikki with their arms around eachother making faces at an amusement park. 

(( Sorry, I am changing it to max 2 OC's.))

((I'll just drop Kora then.))

Madi fiddled with the charm bracelet on her wrist before looking into the mirror once more.

She was wearing a white strapless ballgown with a humongous skirt and a pair of shiny silver heels.

Her hair was in an updo, with a few curly tendrils hanging down her cheeks.

"Madi?" Nikki called, her heels clinking on the hard marble floor. The ballroom was decorated beautifully and Nikki wondered if Madi did it all herself. 
I will be: Kat EverGreen 

A green mini dress
White heels 
White fishnets 
Black legfishnets 
A black handbag
A necklace shaped as a left 

Here is Nikki's outfit:


Nikki's Winter Ball


((may i join as rin,len and shellby?))

I'll be Lewis Custer (for Madi, of course) and Hant Airis.


Lewis: Basic tux (Loca picked it out), hair combed with gel, etc.

Hant: Basic tux, flip-flops, same messy hair

((rin:red tux,gold shoes,normal hair.len:gold dress like this shoes are not visible but shes wearing white heels and her hairs in a nub pony-tail.shellby:wearing a skin tight dress to her knee's one strap,pink heels and her hairs down and its curly and down to her thigh.

Nikki fingered her heart necklace that Max gave to her for her 16th birthday.

(( Sure Aliena! Thanks Maggie! XD))

Madi  stepped out into the ballroom. She grinned at what she saw, Uncle Eros had done well.

She gently twisted one of her updos tendrils on her finger.


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