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I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I figured doll housing probably qualifies.  

So, how do you display your dolls?  Do you make furniture for them?  Customize stuff meant for other dolls? Hunt down tiny props in second hand stores and gift shops? Do they have an actual doll house, or just a space on the shelf?  Have any pictures you want to share?


I keep my dolls on my shelves under the TV, the furniture is cobbled together from a whole bunch of places, mostly second hand, and a lot of it isn't really meant for dolls, in fact it's mostly interestingly shaped jewellery boxes. Although I pulled out some of my barbie stuff when I got Draculaura, and I've been planning on painting it black. 



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Great post Nosferina! I will have to take some pics of my collection and Post here, also I wanted to give you a tip on painting Barbie Furniture.... Use Krylon FUSION Spray paint as it is made for plastic and will not get tacky like other paint! Hope to see your pics soon!

Cheers, Jeremy Austen

My dolls are currently being used as decorations in the living room, along side a vase of peacock feathers, and an antique lamp and ashtray converted into a candle holder.  They fit right in :)


There are also a few hanging out on some shelves in my bedroom along with dried flowers and random things.  And Frankie and Holt are cuddled up in a Tarot Room I made for the dolls.


I plan on making Frankie and Holt their own "love nest" I guess I'll call it as they are my favorites and I'll let Cleo and perhaps Draculaura take over the Tarot Room, as they seem the most mystical.


I usually make all the furniture in the doll houses and cut out pictures from magazines to decorate with and make odds and ends from femo clay.  But I have been tempted into converting some Barbie furniture for them, but I feel like that would be cheating, so I haven't (yet).


I *love* the houses other members create and I hope there will be more pictures up :)



I hope it's ok that I posted pictures here on the thread.  And I hope they're not too big.  Not sure how this stuff works yet.  But here's where mine chill.  I'm such a voyeur, I wanna see where other ppl display theirs (I don't feel like they're on "display"...I just like them and they're there).


P.S. The other toys on the shelf are totally from Happy Meals :D

i have dorms in this shelve. it is six (doll) stories. the owner doll, a liv doll (yes a liv doll. i got her before monster high) and her husband, a barbie, liv in a appartment. dorms" girl dorms: 1a (limit 6 dolls) is for j dolls, 1b (limit nine dolls) is for monster high dolls, 1c (limit is 9 dolls) is for monster high dolls and these three dolls i got online from china, 1d (the bigest dorm, limit 18 dolls) is for moster high dolls and this sparkle, monster high like, babrie thing doll, lives in that dorm, too. boy dorms, 2a and 2b, are crammed. i will add dorm 1e is needed (probably in the future). there is also a health center. frankie boy friend, a vampire bratz boy doll, lives in the health center. he is the head doctor.

For a while my dolls 'Lived' on the edge of my desk, but with the increasing numbers and danger of dust, I decided to get myself a Closet (Or rather, my dad got me one for free)

Now they 'Live' like this:

Except two: my favorite and the newest one (Or in this case: Deuce in his uniform and Jackson), they get a place on my desk next to my laptop.

My dolls are currently on their doll stands on a table in my room with my anime figurines. I hope that Mattel will make a Monster High doll house or something, because my little brother often comes into my room and knocks them over or runs off with one of their accessories XD


 I LOVE all your pics! Keep them up please! P-girl I am very impressed with your "glass house" very nice!

My dolls are currently displayed on my dresser. They're on their stands with their pets in front of them and their diaries behind them.
its ok jinx LOL

Jinx Nocturna said:

Well I'm gonna get the shaft. All my dolls are in a tupperware drawer. o_o YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! I have a very small room!! DX I used to have a dollhouse taller than me that I made out of cardboard, but I had to tear it down when we moved, it's not my faaauuulllt! *sob*


*ahem* <_<   >_> I'm better now.

here are some pics.




1d (its really big, but dark, so i could not get a good pic of it)


yeah. XD its ok

Flaming Cat said:
Koolio!  My dolls live in a tiny space in a corner. Sad right?

I put my dolls on a little drawer thing at the foot of my bed with my tv and dvd player. ^^;

I sometimes find that they way I've put them down after taking photographs, they'll be positioned in a way that makes me think that i should take a pic. Sorta like candid photos, but not. ^^;

I should probably take better care of them....^^; If i ever get around to it, I'll possibly put them where my hamster's cage is......


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