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I just wanted to do a survey just seeing what people would say as their favorite character from MH! But here is one condition, it can't be an OC! Sorry! I just want to know who people like off the Monster High website. It would make more sense, and its a tad bit easier. Thanks! I hope I see a lot of different results! :) :) :) 


P.S.--- Also tell me why you like that character as well! Thanks! :P

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Abbey Bominable- The Yeti has always been my fav monster, and Abbey is alot like me she is my fav and most likely always will be!

Lauren said:

Fave Boy: Deuce <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Fave Girl: Lagoona. She's really nice and awesome. :)

clawdeen or clawd cant decide
Ghoulia & Holt Hyde.
Ghoulia hands down. She was my favorite when I first saw the 30 minute special and I hope she becomes my first MH doll if not Spectra will. I really like her too she seems like a really fun character. I can see many a photostory being written where she causes some sort of trouble.

Spectra Vondergeist

Why is because she is


2. I'm the most like her ^.^

3. She has an awesome personality & style

4. Did I mention she's awesome?

Frankie. Ive always been a fan of Frankenstein and when they made the daughter of him, i just knew i had to get her. <33 My second favorite is a tie between Cleo and Clawdeen. <3


And if were talking about guys . . Deuce! i mean, Jackson is okay to me. I think his normal outfit is much better. I never was a big fan of Holt. I dunno, i just dont like him. Deuce on the other hand, I like the Mudusa (spelt wrong..) idea. :3 I also like his personality

my favorite is howleen wolf , i like her becuse i can relate to her becuse we are both freshmen in high school.



The wolf family,,, Toralei, Cleo and Operetta.

Toralei is my favorite. I had to sell off my collection a while back and recently when I started rebuilding I was stunned to find out how much it would cost to replace her. I had four of her at one time : (

My favorite wood have to be lagoona because she is soo pretty and nice to everyone although Frankie is a close second! My favorite boy character is probably Clawd because.... Just cause is like him I guess. ;-D


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