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Well, guess what I found inside of the head of a DC Superhero Girls doll? Yes, it was GLUE! GRRR!


As most of you know, the DC Superhero Girls dolls' heads feel squishy, so that one would assume that there was no glue inside of them.

Well, those of us who made that assumption were wrong about at least some of these dolls, as I realized, to the chagrin of my mind....and my sore hands....

Awhile back, I purchased this doll:


She's the DC Superhero Girls Action Training Harley Quinn doll. She has the less broad smile, and she has annoying nylon hair.

Anyway, as some of you know, I was planning to have someone re-root her, so that she'd look like a really long-haired version of the "Suicide Squad" Harley Quinn. She was going to be my official Harley Quinn doll....after I had her head re-rooted....and I put it onto the body of the Roller Derby Harley doll. 

Well, I cut all of her hair off, and I began the painstaking task of trying to remove the tiny plug remains....and that's when I discovered the fact that tiny drops of glue had been used to hold the doll's hair in place; in some areas, there was a slight bit more glue, too, and, in many cases, a few plugs were stuck together at the bottom. Good thing that I didn't wash her hair in hot water anytime up until then, huh? LOL!

Now, I didn't have to utilize any baking powder during the process, and, afterwards, I just gave Harley's head a quick wash with a little bit of warm water. I think that she's probably safe for the re-rooting process now, but what a lot of extra work I had to go to, simply because of that stupid glue!

I am not going to say that all of the DC Superhero Girls dolls' heads contain glue, but I am going to say that I now know that Mattel's use of that stupid glue is not over yet, and that it's alive and well, in the form of the glue that exists within the heads of certain DC Superhero Girls dolls. YUCK!  :(

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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I knew it you can't count on Mattel these days the glue messing the hairupall the time

OH NOOOOO!! I suffer from an advanced case of Mattel's greasy glue phobia.

I admit I have squeezed the heads of some of the DC girls when they were first released. They all had very hard heads so I decided to not buy any. I like them but not enough to go through the glue seepage torture.

None of my dolls with soft heads are leaking glue so I think they really don't have any glue. Some of them are quite old and no seepage so far.

It seems this is a new treat from Mattel, great.

I was quite happy because I thought Electrified twyla had very little glue even if she was manufactured in Indonesia...I bet the glue will leak. I still think the soft heads made in China are safe. My Shriek wrecked Draculaura is glue free. I can feel it. There is absolutely no glue in her head. Twyla has a little bit of glue that I can feel. The problem is that the China made dolls have a glue free version and a glue head version of the same doll. It is not great for people who buy dolls on line.



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