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hello everyone im looking for the dolls listed below if you have any of these listed below to offer please PM me and we can make arrangements

first generation

i heart fashion abbie bomitable

love in scaris rochelle and garrot

wheelin warecats meowlody and pursephone

rollar maze clawdeen (nude or with outfit is fine)

new scaremester clawdeen wolf

geek shriek howleen wolf

ghoul fair howleen wolf

gloom and bloom venus mc flytrap

gloom and bloom clio de nile

gloom and bloom jinafire long

art class robecca steam

art class draculaura

art class abbie bomitable

mad science ghoulia and clio

home ick abbie and heath

classroom ghoulia yelps

coffin bean frankie stine

coffin bean draculaura

coffin bean abbie

coffin bean venus mc flytrap

frights camera action clio de nile

sweet 1600 roadster draculaura (doll only)

swim class clawdeen wolf

swim class venus mc flytrap

swim class lagoona blue

swim class jinnafire long

swim class spectra vondergist

swim class frankie stine

swim class holt hide

scaris clio and lagoona

i heart shoes clio must have as much of their items as possible 

picture day draculaura

picture day abbie

picture day spectra

friek du shiek noir clawdeen wolf

friek du shiek noir twila (needed stilts, circus poster)

go monster high team (fearleader) ghoulia, clio, and draculaura

great scarier reef clawdeen wolf

great scarier reef frankie stine

great scarier reef lagoona blue

scaritails little dead riding hood clawdeen wolf

sweet screams draculaura

sweet screams goulia yelps

sweet screams abbie bomitable

we are monster high/student disimbodied presadent: gilda goldstagg

nude fearleader toralei (with tail)

boo York frightseers opperetta

nightmare horse with sattle and rains

diener: operetta

SDCC: 2010 Frankie Stine B&W

SDCC: 2011 Ghoulia Yelps (deadfast)

SDCC: 2012 Scarah Screams & Hoodood Voodoo

SDCC: 2014 Manny Tore & Iris Clops

SDCC: 2015 Kieran Valientine & Djinni "Whisp" Gran

28" Voltageous/Beast Ghoul Friend (Exclusive) Skelita Calaveras (must have all accessories)

28" Voltageous/Beast Ghoul Friend blue doll (must have all accessories)

reboot dolls (second generation) if you know ware to get them or have them to sell

signiture look/first day of school: lagoona blue

signiture look/first day of school: ari hauntington

garden ghouls winged ghouls: toralei

garden ghouls winged ghouls: cleo

garden ghouls winged ghouls: twyla

garden ghouls: treesa thornwillow

monster high vinyls

original ghouls: draculaura

original ghouls: clawdeen wolf

original ghouls: frankie stine

original ghouls: cleo de nile

original ghouls: rochelle goyal

original ghouls: lagoona blue

original ghouls: spectra vondergiste

original ghouls: ghoulia yelps 

chase: ghoulia yelps

SDCC nefera de nile

megablocks monster high figures



ghoulia yelps 

monster high minis

original ghouls minis: frankie, draculaura, clawdeen, cleo, lagoona, venus, catrine, abbie, moanica, jinnafire, skullita, twyla, (meolody and pursephone if there actually are minis of them)

geek shriek minis: rochelle, draculaura, twyla

teddy bear ghouls: catty noir, cleo de nile

im pretty much looking for any minis they are just so adorable lol

also im looking for these bits and items

any pairs of wings for rochelle goyal dolls

catrine de mew tails

Freaky fusion cliolei tails

warecat twins tails

any warecat tails would be very helpful

any mousadies king tails (i need 3)

13 wishes clawdeen, abbie, draculaura and frankie  full set of jewlery headdress cuffs etc.

2 howleen wolf safety pin earrings

a cupple pairs of haunted draculaura shoes

stands as many as i can get 

boo York catty noir full outfit city schemes version not the 3 pack (shes a very pretty version ide like to complete her)

freaky fusion bonita feamur shoes

scaris jinafire long headdress with red/orange streamer ribbin things

boo york clio de nile commet crossed cupple bracelet ribbons and head band

diary for SDCC hexikiah and robecca steam my set never had them :(

legs for SDCC djini wisp grant

dress for sweet screams frankie

clio de nile compleate delux fashion pack

any spare arms, hands, tails, wings for any dolls if you have anything to offer

i know this is an extencive list but i hope someone out there may have these dolls and items feel free to leave a message with anything you have to offer thank you and much appreciated :)

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pm me :)

I have all the dolls from the first generation. They cost 45$ each including shipping. If you buy two or more, I can give you a better price.

send me a pm :) we can make arrangements

I have these first generation girls if you like and some spare parts.

I think you have the wrong stand for Cleo

Possible, I'm not the first owner.  Frankie doesn't have her original stand either. :(

Have you bought them online?

How many stands do you want? I have a bunch. 


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