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Hello & Happy weekend,

We've been out & about to several stores and popped into WAL MART  and found the MH shelf totally empty. They had been marking down the budget dolls and now no more in their place are new Harry Potter dolls. Tues Morning has several MH dolls at good prices..Ross has a lot of Shopkins, Barbies ..DD Discounts has a lot of MH/EAH doll and doll sets..Dollar Tree has gotten the mega blocks MH figures for 1.00 ( Dollar General has them too ) 

Today at Dollar Tree I found 2 EAH books and 1 MH book for 1.00...Great finds for my collection.

Also came home recently with 3 Beanie Boo's from Goodwill that were bagged & sold together..

Happy Shopping Hugs,


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Hi Maureen, 

I hope all is well. 

You must be pleased to have completed the Disney Princesses set. I hope you will take a pix of all of them.

I went back to Smyths and I indulged in more omgs reduced. Some of them are half price or virtually half price. It is crazy. I can't resist them for these prices. They are normally so expensive, I don't buy them full price. I only took a quick picture of one and of my lovely purple haired dj redressed with Honeylicious second outfit. Adorbs!

A small doll with an attitude! lol she is so cool.

My fabulous find redressed. How cute!

She is surrounded with the mess I am trying to reorganise. Not an easy task!

I had a look in Tk maxx. No dolls but I bought that little Steiff cow I have seen months ago reduced for £3. Irresistible! I said no more plushies unless special, I think this one is.

I went thrifting. No dolls I liked. Mainly Hasbro Disney Princesses without clothes. I don't like them very much with clothes! Lol... not for me!

Sunday will be the first boot sale of 2021. I can't wait! ;-)

Have a great week end

Take care


Dear Tula,

Happy Weekend My Friend. How are you doing  ? I will ask my Guy to take a pic of the full set of Princess dolls tonight. Thank you for sharing your happy Pix. I recognized Invisi Billy MH doll in your pix. . One of my Favs as it reminds me of my Guy. I am thrilled you found some new treasures you wanted and at a great Price too.

I had my 1st shot today and next one will be in 3/4 weeks. No issues or side effects yet thankfully . I was told my arm will hurt by Sun as they put the shot right into the muscle. 

Glad you found a new plushie too. :)  We stopped in a Target after the shot and plenty of LOL/OMG dolls & RH Dolls. NO Real littles except the purses & backpacks, Locker. At Walmart on Fri , their toy shelved were the same. Marked down CC dolls and Fail Fix..No one seems to be buying any of them.

Happy Boot Sale Day Hugs & Stay well, Healthy & Safe,


Hi Maureen,

I am glad you are well.

Yes Invisibilly is cute. I love Neighthan. I think he looks like a Shaman! lol

I went to the boot sale on Sunday. It was very windy and not very warm. I haven't seen many dolls. No MH or EAH and hardly any others. A few Bratz. Not much at all.

I have found a few things. A vintage Mattel Disney Megara, £2. I thought she looked beautiful and interesting. We don't see these very often. The person selling them had Poncahontas too but her hair was beyond repair. She was not very kind to her dolls when she was a child. She cut the hair of a My Scene I would have bought otherwise!  I also found a Bratz jewellery box, £1.50. It will be handy for dolls accessories.

In a messy box, I have found a lol surprise and parts of a capsule chix, the lot for 20 pence! ;-) I found the body of the lol first, then the head. I carried on rummaging in the box frantically (lol) and found the lol's clothes, glasses and bottles. Then I found different parts of the Capsule Chix. I never could find the other part of the chix's hair, neither the lol shoes but it was fun... and 20 pence, come on! I can use the other parts of the chix for mine and her shoes too. We build them and we can mix and match their parts as we want. I also found a Na na na surprise without her clothes. I will experiment with what she can wear, only 20 pence too. I can't go wrong with these prices! Her hair turned out great with a fabric conditioner treatment.

That's it for the boot sale.

The boots sale's gang! The Barbie shoes and top were free. I forgot to mention them.

The adorable mini Cowaloo from Tk maxx. I could not resist her for £3. Steiff toys are good quality and expensive.

I have found cheap omgs on Ebay. I can't wait for them to arrive. I bought them from the same person. One of them was buy it now. I offered the starting bid on the other one and the offer was accepted. The postage is combined. It was a great deal. Tempted to buy more from that seller... but I have been good! ;-)

The Fail Fix still don't sell in my local Sainsbury's. They are not reduced. I am waiting. I would not mind to have the last character. They are reduced in Smyths but they don't have that one. The Cave Club are selling quite well here.

The Kindi Kids are reduced in my local Sainsbury's. Nothing new except all the new omgs releases. I have been too busy buying some of the older ones reduced! lol I am waiting, of course! ;-)

Have a great week end


Dear Tula,

Happy Weekend !! How are you doing ? I am doing better. I go back to the Drs today..Hoping for no more bad news..

I am thrilled you had such a great time at the Boot Sale..Megara is lovely and your Photos are amazing. I love the Bratz case too. Wonderful Treasures for you. I am so happy !! Congrats on the new finds on ebay. I bought a dvd off ebay of a concert of one of my fav singers, Joe.  I like the idea of the 20 pence box and you pick out what you want..That cute lit Cow is adorable too.

Fail Fix is marked down at walmart & Target...We went to Ross the other night and I found a series 6 Shopkins set..Had to have it :)  We did see one Cave Club doll at Ross & it was way marked down. 

I took pix finally !! of my Disney Dolls from Mcd's.(They sold out everywhere ) and my new Shopkins set..Plus some Boo's on Our TV & my newest gift, Batty, a Beanie Baby which was sent to me by a friend .

Have a Fabulous Friday & a Wonderful Weekend,




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