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Hello & Happy weekend,

We've been out & about to several stores and popped into WAL MART  and found the MH shelf totally empty. They had been marking down the budget dolls and now no more in their place are new Harry Potter dolls. Tues Morning has several MH dolls at good prices..Ross has a lot of Shopkins, Barbies ..DD Discounts has a lot of MH/EAH doll and doll sets..Dollar Tree has gotten the mega blocks MH figures for 1.00 ( Dollar General has them too ) 

Today at Dollar Tree I found 2 EAH books and 1 MH book for 1.00...Great finds for my collection.

Also came home recently with 3 Beanie Boo's from Goodwill that were bagged & sold together..

Happy Shopping Hugs,


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Dear Tula,

Happy Thurs :) Hope all is well. I have been feeling better..The meds seemed to have done the trick :)  I have to still schedule the pain management appointments but I am stuck right now waiting for Dad's Doctor to work an appointment for him first..

LOVE your new dolls..I rely on ebay and amazon when I am trying to find a doll too..

I did get the Sunny Day doll from Best Buy as they kept sending me free 5.00 to spend in their stores. I did find a new Descendants book & a gorgeous Belleek cross..and Brittania Bear the UK Beanie Baby..and I shot new videos for Christmas this year on my You Tube channel too. I also found Tsum Tsum Evil Queen at Dollar Tree & today came home with a Barbie Tommy doll & a Disney exclusive Tinker Bell Cu/saucer set...

Happy Thurs Shopping Hugs,


Hi Maureen,

I am glad you feel better. I am sure it will get better and better.

Lots of finds! They are all cute. I have never seen a Sunny Day doll before. The Evil Queen is so funny. She is definitely one of the least evil creature I have ever seen.

I went on Youtube and I saw your tree. Victoria station made me laugh. And the Beanie UK bear in the tree! LOL

I go on Ebay when the dolls are difficult to find in car boot sales. I only buy them second hand, never new. I have never bought anything on Amazon. I don't like Amazon for several reasons.

It was lovely to see your new finds. I am a bit bored. I miss the car boot sales. Ebay is handy but not as fun.

Have a great day


Hi Wolfie,

Yes Devon is articulated. The only one I have without articulations so far is this McKeyla. I really like the non articulated Devon doll. I wanted her but she went too high at auction for my taste. The person who was selling the dolls had a good collection of Project MC2 dolls. Unfortunately, some of them had their hair cut... too short! LOL


Dear Tula,

Oh my goodness you read my mind !! I was going to post my You Tube link again so you could see our Tree & decorations,..Den put the tree up & put the UK Beanie in it :) Victoria station cost us 7.00 dollars at a thrift store..I love Dept 56 items and that Station cost 99.00-100.00 when it came out ..Glad we waited to buy it :)

We went thrifting on Thurs night and came home with some new solar lights & a new Beanie Ballz named Icicles..

He is already sitting under the tree.

I know you are missing those car boot sales..When do they begin again in 2019 ?

Happy weekend Hugs,



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