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Well I was thinking about buying this next month but the weather is to hot and humid and was thinking of buying watercolor pencils next month to practice on a 5 dollar monster high head doll I bought. I still have lots of questions on how I should repaint the body without an air brush. What types of paint work and when the weather is good enough for msc will I need to spray body or will it do damage? 

Right now I am currently buying supplies little by little so once Oct hits I am getting msc. I been collecting dolls 2 a month (goal is 20 ha ha)

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the heads and hands you want to hand paint with acrylics because they go sticky if you use a spray can, however the main body you can totally spraypaint. I've had fairly good results with montana gold, which is designed to stick to walls so sticks pretty well to plastic. but do NOT spray a head or hands with this stuff, it goes sticky and gross. You'll have to match the paint and hand paint.

You can also paint the whole thing with thin layers of acrylic, building up bit by bit to avoid streaks.

Or chalk pastel.

Both these take foreeeever though.

MSC won't harm the doll, but it is highly toxic so I suggest if you are gonna use it, get a mask. A proper one with filters, not just a dust mask. they aren't overly expensive but worth it because msc is insanely toxic and stinks of pear drops (it smells sweet, it's gross)

Alternatively, you could use a less toxic sealant. Munitorium varnish from games workshop/citadel works just as well and is actually less temperamental about humidity. Either way though, you want to spray outside somewhere well ventilated because you don't really want to  breathe that stuff in.

YOu want to spray seal every layer, so every time you lay down a layer you seal it. It gives the next layer something to grip onto and helps build up the colour.


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