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Rules are simple. Gigi can grant you a wish but each time your wish comes true, something unexpected and unwanted occurs. Gig told you that wishes have the tendency to backfire and you post the result of the person who posted above you and then make your own wish.


Player 1: I wish I had shoes like Cleo!

Player 2: Granted. You get the shoes. With Cleo feet still in them....

I wish for snow....

Get it? Let's begin!

I wish I had every MH doll and accessory ever!

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Granted. But instead of wishes you get red velvet cupcakes. :)

I wish I could sing better.

Granted, but nobody knows you can and when you do nobody notices.

I wish my IPad was on 100% 

100% ADS all day, every day.

I wish I had some of the new Bratz dolls.

Granted. You have them all now. Well most of them anyway. They're all headless.

I wish I could find I <3 Fashion Cleo and Venus in my area....
Granted you got them both but your friend got jealous and stole them

I wish i have lots of money to buy monster high dolls

Granted. You have the money, but, before you can buy a solitary doll on your "Wish List", your wallet is stolen, and so's your identity!

I wish that I were a mermaid, so that I could see all of the cool, undersea creatures that people have yet to discover.

Granted but before you get anywhere a shark eats you.

I wish I could be a real vampire.


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