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Rules are simple. Gigi can grant you a wish but each time your wish comes true, something unexpected and unwanted occurs. Gig told you that wishes have the tendency to backfire and you post the result of the person who posted above you and then make your own wish.


Player 1: I wish I had shoes like Cleo!

Player 2: Granted. You get the shoes. With Cleo feet still in them....

I wish for snow....

Get it? Let's begin!

I wish I had every MH doll and accessory ever!

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granted. The cake is made of worms, blood, and your pet(s)

I wish Pokemon was real! ( I iz nerdy 8D )

Granted. You get a Shedinja and you accidentally look into the hole on its back and your soul is stolen!

I wish for a lollipop!

Granted you get the games before release but you get so addicted to playing them you eventually become obsessed to finishing them you forget everyone and everything around you and your family try to tell you they are moving house but you so distracted by the game you don't hear a word they say so they move away and leave you all on your own.

I wish I was a pop star.

So basically this is like Corrupt a Wish? (Corrupt a wish here:

Granted, but your friends take all the credit and the clothes you made, so you are left with nothing.

I wish I had a female genie. 

Granted,but when you ask her for a wish she is to busy wishing up stuff for herself

and when you ask her for a new genie she disappears and you dont get that genie

I wish i had all the ever after high dolls

Granted, but then you lose all your Monster High Dolls.

I wish I had a JACUZZI 

Granted, but it has a very big leak and can't hold water long.

I wish I had Webarella ;m;

Granted, but a hobo runs up to you and steals it.

I wish Monkey Quest wouldn't close... 

Granted,but when you try to play you cant cause someone hacked you

I wish Monster high was real

Granted, but you couldn't go because you're a normie.

I wish that the work week was shorter.

Granted. But you can't afford anything.

I wish for a bigger room.

Granted,but when you tried to sleep on your bed you cant because your bed has shrunk because you asked for a bigger room

I wish my brother was nice to me


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