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TRU's final day for this location is June 28..The employee told me each store has a different closing date. The stores are NOT accepting cash at all..Just credit or debit cards. We got there mid afternoon and the place was packed..people filling up carts again..I had more time to photograph the aisles. I was surprised to see so many Funko Pop's, stuffed animals, baby clothes & items..I even found a broken open Shreik Wrecked Draculaura ( I have her already from Target clearance )  but her arm was missing ..

We ended up buying 7 toys at 70-90% for a total of 15.00 and the receipt says we saved 39.73 !! I came home with a Lagoona Vinyl , Sir Hoots a Lot ( Ghoulia's Pet ) a Cupcake surprise doll and a Beanie Baby for 1.00.My Guy found a Lego Friend set, a Funko Pop & a Lego like rope to display Lego on.

Nice crowd in the store,..the lines moved quickly ..One guy walked by me and questioned if he should wait for lower price ..I hope he did not as these are the last days ..

GoodBye Toys R Us...We will all miss YOU !!

Happy Wed Shopping Hugs & a Few Tears as well,


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What a cute dog!

Dear Jesy,

Thank you for your comment .I have always loved Beanie Babies and Beanie Boo's too..Found this Dog named "Sadie" by accident.I was so busy taking photos but kept being drawn back to the stuffed animals shelf and Sadie was in a cart full of other stuffed animal at the end of that aisle.

Happy Thurs Shopping Hugs,


lol! Yes, the dog is a cutie!

I used to love Alias. It was a great entertaining tv show. Sydney Bristow was so sexy! It is funny to see a Funko of her.

I love the pet vinyls. They are so cute.

Yes, TRU's will be missed. I miss it near where I live. Sometimes, I was just going there to have a look at the toys. I knew some of the staff and we had a little chat. It was nice. sigh...

Dear Tula,

Happy Thurs...Isn't Sadie the Dog amazing & cute ? There are about 4 different Sidney's in the Funko line. TRU used to have the biggest display of them I've ever seen. My Guy thought about it and I talked him into getting her.

I had seen some of the Pet Vinyls but never bought one till he found this one for me & the Lagoona one too..I could not just leave them behind..Like you, we would visit TRU's in our area, on our vacations and hang out & chat with the employees..( some of them became close friends ) it was just fun hanging out & seeing what is new.

Happy Thurs Shopping Hugs,



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