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Starting tonight with some previews, the annual New York International Toy Fair begins.  Toy Fair is an event held by the entire toy industry to show off the upcoming years wares to retailers so that they can prepare and plan their ordering for the year - including Christmas already! 

Toy Fair is not a public event like a comic con - you cannot attend unless you are in the industry or a retailer, so we have to rely on reporters and the press to show us what is new and exciting.  This year should be a very exciting year for Monster High fans as MH enters it's fifth year and reigns as the second most popular doll line in America (and many other countries!). 

Mattel will be officially showing off to the public on Sunday, as is their tradition.  However, before then we will likely see pictures of the booth, or of other toy lines of interest to us, like Once Upon a Zombie.

Please use this thread as a catch-all for all of the news and images you find from Toy Fair.  If they're all in one place, it will be easier for everyone to see.

To start off, here are some links to websites that are attending Toy Fair and will be taking pictures:

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They need to lay off the pink for a while

Thanks, Triumvirate - you always have an informed, practical perspective on things!

I think the MH team has done a good job in keeping a balance with the releases of each grouping.  The 'core' group of Frankie, Draculaura and Clawdeen currently has about the same number of releases (26, 27 and 24 respectively).  Lagoona, Cleo and Ghoulia are at 16, 14 & 14 respectively.  Abbey, who I consider to be part of the Spectra and Operetta grouping, has as many as the 2nd 'core' group, 15, while Spectra and Operetta are at 9 each (I think that attests to Abbey's popularity - she seems to be considered the 7th member of the main group, often eclipsing Lagoona).  Rochelle, Venus and Robecca are at 5, 5 and 4 respectively (although Venus will be taking the lead this year).  Catrine, Skelita and Jinafire are currently at 2 each. 

My guess is that the MH creative team will continue this formula into the future.  Abbey and Venus may be popular but I don't see them outnumbering Draculaura any time soon.

Triumvirate said:

I suspect it's because DDG has been shipping longer than necessary (well over a year now and headed towards two years) and 2013 was a good year for Lagoona, so there were many Lagoonas to choose from. It doesn't mean her dolls are not good or that people don't like them, it just means that she's not in that state of being rare or in demand right now compared to certain other characters. 

Lagoona is very popular and has a very loyal fanbase, as do many other characters who have at one time or another had shelf-warmer dolls. So, once the 2013 lines leave the shelves, Lagoona will no longer be warming shelves. By 2015 it will be someone else who is the shelf-warmer. Frankie has had her turn, Ghoulia has, and now Lagoona. At any rate, shelf-warming for any character is always temporary. Do you see tons of Ghoulias warming shelves now like you once could? No, not anymore. 

Interesting numbers. This proves there's way too many Frankie, Clawdeen and Draculaura.

reminds me of how Mattel overuses Cinderella Ariel & now Rapunzel in the Disney Princess line...

I agree!  I don't mind having some members of the core group featured in each of the lines, but I feel that Draculaura's 27 is a bit too much compared to Cleo's 14. 

We haven't received any news recently on any fashion packs, which I really enjoy.  Has anyone heard anything or are those not being produced currently?

Ghosteros said:

Interesting numbers. This proves there's way too many Frankie, Clawdeen and Draculaura.

Ghoul Talk has done an episode review complete with all archived pictures(, if you haven't already done so, give us a listen, we go over pretty much everything that was shown :]

We'll also have a continuation with all the reviews of the Ever After High dolls shown :D


About the above link to the review with pictures- are we not going to talk about this one??:

Close-ups of Avea and Bonita!!! Obviously not final art, but it's still pretty good!

(is this okay to have? If it's not tell me and I'll take it down)

Sirena, Avea and Bonita all look fabulous as cartoon. Can't wait to see large clear pics of them as dolls.

Yes to all below :-)

Triumvirate said:

Absolutely yes!

Victoria Niccals said:

Pretty much THIS!

Monster_Mama said:

Anyway. I think there's no harm in voicing our desires. If NY Toy Fair proved anything, it's that Mattel has been listening. We're getting characters we've begged for, more boys than ever, darker dolls, less main 3 ghouls and some really interesting new characters. So, beg away, lol!!


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