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Starting tonight with some previews, the annual New York International Toy Fair begins.  Toy Fair is an event held by the entire toy industry to show off the upcoming years wares to retailers so that they can prepare and plan their ordering for the year - including Christmas already! 

Toy Fair is not a public event like a comic con - you cannot attend unless you are in the industry or a retailer, so we have to rely on reporters and the press to show us what is new and exciting.  This year should be a very exciting year for Monster High fans as MH enters it's fifth year and reigns as the second most popular doll line in America (and many other countries!). 

Mattel will be officially showing off to the public on Sunday, as is their tradition.  However, before then we will likely see pictures of the booth, or of other toy lines of interest to us, like Once Upon a Zombie.

Please use this thread as a catch-all for all of the news and images you find from Toy Fair.  If they're all in one place, it will be easier for everyone to see.

To start off, here are some links to websites that are attending Toy Fair and will be taking pictures:

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Ahem. Just thought everyone needed to see this. I am at a loss for words. I'll probably add some input on these when I'm not freaking out.

I just saw those on Facebook... I'm sooooo happy about Manny, and Wydowna Spider.

Sadie Skeletol has noticed it said:

Ahem. Just thought everyone needed to see this. I am at a loss for words. I'll probably add some input on these when I'm not freaking out.

Looks like the one eye girl is Howleen's height.

Whaaaaaa!!!!! Okay, I'll come back to response when I'm calm again! So Excited!

Two new boys.. Awesome I love the boys..

You guys have no idea how badly I'm freaking out over these images!

If these are all part of the Freaky Fusion line that's great they might be out by the summer.. I was hoping they would make Manny, and Wydowna Spider I can buy without paying an arm, and leg for.

I really love the fact that they actually made such an odd character as Manny Taur WITH another male body! So, he and Iris will be in a two-pack? I never was very interested in these but I have to have such an oddity that these two are! xD I'm so relieved there is another Wydowna! But....I hate her blue lips... The other three is nothing for me but I know everyones been really excited for Invisibilly and he looks pretty good! 

Love Cedar, however these dolls do nothing for me (they just appeared here) irl, but I love seeing the new designs that come out!

We're not sure yet.  These images appear to have been pulled from a Mattel powerpoint presentation that just hyped the lines in general for 2014.

Triumvirate said:

Manny and Iris are perfect!!!! Wydowna is perfect!!! What lines are they from? How are they being released?

The first guy must be Neighthan Rot?! He's a unicorn and a zombie or something? I love his color scheme and style - so weird!!!

Oh my! THREE boys! Nice Mattel. Maybe they are getting the hint :)

Billy doesn't look quite as seethrough as I expected. I was thinking he would be exactly like Scarah. Maybe better pictures will show him off better. 

LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Manny!!! I was so worried they'd find a way to screw him up but NO! He looks exactly like himself!

And Iris <3 She's adorable!

Manny and Iris! 

Probably gonna pass on them, but they might look better in person/better pics


He's a no for me... I just don't like him at ALL



Invisibilly I think i will have to see a better pic of first.

Also that witch girl? Who is she??? She's really pretty and she looks like another pop star- this year's Friday the Thirteenth doll perhaps.

Also Frankie looks really cute on the Freaky Fusion cover...

Okay I'm really freaking out right now.

AHH AHHH AHHH I.. cannot... form.. coherent... words.


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