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All right, here's how this one works.  You have to type three things in the following fashion:


^ Something about the person above you, whether it was what they just said, or whatever. (The "arrow" is pointing up.  See it?)

< Something about yourself.  It might be something you did today or something you're thinking about. (Notice the "arrow" here is pointing at you)

V Something about the person that will post next.  Maybe a question for them?  Or something else you had in mind? (The "arrow" is now pointing at the person below)


I'll start...


^ There's no one above me.

< Needs a shower.

V Needs a shower as well.


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^Is wrong

<Is at a bus stop

vIs on some kind of electronic equipment.

^is wrong

<is eating carrots

Vis also eating a vegetable

^ Is bored

< Is broke

v about to give me $50

^ is about to give me their lumpia

<is about to go in the kitchen and make lumpia(I LOOOVVVE LUMPIA! MMM I LOVE FILIPINO FOOD!)

V is going  to eat me :O

^Is right . .

            W he, he.. (just kidding)

<is about to go to bed

V has just woken up.

^is wrong

<been awake since7:30 am today

V has been awake since7:30 am today

^is sadly right.

< is tired and craving chocolate ice cream

V loves chocolate ice cream 

^is almost right (I like it but it's not my favorite.

<Favorite ice cream is strawberry.

Vwhat is your favorite ice cream?

^piggies are awesome!! :)

<made a flying pig pet for an oc

Vmade a pig creature for something.

^ probably doesn't care what I'm going to say
< is mad Danielle got voted off Big Brother :/
(down arrow) has no clue who Danielle is or what big brother is. 
^ is wrong (do u watch big brother?)
< wants to dance around singing
(down arrow) is laughing at my sadness

^is right! yayness, I don't want to be a boy, then people would think I was even weirder to like Monster high.

<Is typing way too much every time she plays this game

VIs falling asleep, beacause what I'm saying is too boring and long, and boring, and long and zzzzzz...


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