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I love dolls. I always have. As a male though, it's always been hard to accept that. These awful social taboos that are all about "girls are only for dolls" kept me from being true to who I am, so I put aside my real interests and tried to be "normal", whatever that is. When I was a kid I remember having a handful of barbies and my little brother (who also loves dolls) and I would play and have so much fun. I was always amazed at all the new play sets and little accessories that would come out though. Of course I'd never gotten any; my parents really limited that kind of stuff once I hit a certain age. So I went on about my business as I grew up, occasionally looking at some doll stuff here and there. Thinking it's all cool and stuff but not really for adults anyway. Basically just wishing I was a kid again, but who doesn't?

Then monster high happened.

The timing as perfect. I mean we got all these supernatural movies, books, tv shows, etc. now that I'm kind of surprised I didn't see this coming. I saw them and thought they were amazing, still admiring them from afar. Then eventually I did more research and found out about this huge fan base of both girls AND guys that have massive collections. Not long after that I started frequenting the doll aisles more often and finally bought my first doll (Wave 1 Lagoona). This was in late 2011 when the wave 1 dolls were getting harder to find so I got kind of lucky.

That first doll really did it for me. Here I am a little over a year later and I have at least fifty monster high, along with various Disney princess, Barbie, and Bratz. I'm sure some of you think monster high is the only way to go, but I just love all the dolls too much to stay dedicated to just monster high, though they are my favorite and dominate my room at the moment.

You all can say they are just toys. Sure they are, and I would give up the last rare doll on the shelf to a little girl or boy that wanted one, but they are still very special to me. It's an escape from the real world, to the perfect doll world.

Of course there will always be that person making fun of you, laughing at you, etc. I have one thing to say to those people: To heck with you. If that makes you happy, whatever. Being unique and myself makes me happy.

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Awww I ♥ your post, and that's awesome you can be true to yourself and not care what anyone thinks, that's how we all should be about so many other things in life.  And it's true, there are many male doll collectors, nothing wrong w/ it at all.  And people seem to forget, or didn't even know to begin w/, that Monster High was created by a MAN.  So maybe there's something wrong w/ me and my girls liking MH, since we're not guys ;)

It's wonderful that you finally gets to be surronded with what you love!

I totally understand it must be more difficult for a male collector, I mean even my family find my collecting a bit odd - and I'm a female. But who cares! :-)

Isn't it great we live now when more things are accepted and internet exists? :-)

so inspiring :'3

It's very good to know you ignore such prejudice for something you enjoy. I honestly think Monster High is becoming similar to My Little Pone in that it's suppose to appeal to one certain group but instead it appealed to many.

It's sad how we live in a very sexist world, to both men and women. How men can never do anything girly unless they're gay or weak or... gay. It's stupid. And even if you were how is that bad? I mean really what harm can come to a person who collects MH dolls anyway (except the hole it creates in your wallet)? It's people trying to create these stupid gender roles that if you were born with these specific organs, you can't like this this or this and instead you need to like this this and this. Dolls aren't like tampons, anyone of any age and any gender should be allowed to enjoy them. Why do we have to have specific ages or genders in order to enjoy something? How is that fair? It's like people think if we go outside of the norm suddenly a black hole will appear and and giant worm will come out and eat babies or something! Is it really fair that because you had no choice in the matter to be born as a specific sex that you can't do as you please? We have to add gender roles to them now?

Ranty rant! I get this way when it comes to sexes and genders.

Doll collecting, it's a slippery slope lol.

I never had that much interest in fashion dolls as a kid, I had barbies etc of course, all little girls did but I didn't much like them. I found them a bit boring and was far more interested in other things.

It wasn't till I grew up and found a cute little redheaded doll in a charity shop that the snowball started. I'd lost 98% of my childhood toys due to an unfortunate mistake by the people in charge of our storage and home when we emigrated, so I suppose there was this missing chunk of my past I wanted to rekindle. This doll, a Wee 3 friends I later learned, just looked so adorable and I had to have her. I don't know why, but for £1 I couldn't resist.

That brought me into the world of doll collecting as I researched who she was and what sort of clothing could fit her. From that stemmed Bratz Boyz, who she could share clothing with and who I loved because as a kid i'd always wished there were more boy dolls to hang out with the girls. I adored the idea of an entire line of just boys, so I collected the hell out of them. But Bratz were on the way out and soon gone completely, most of my purchases had to be online and second hand.

Somewhere along the way I rediscovered Sindy, the only fashion doll i'd ever owned from new (all the rest were second hand Barbies) and that got me obsessing over vintage dolls and the history of dolls and fashion.

I got into My Scene, which i'd missed when it was first released due to being well, a stroppy teenager and not interested in toys. I realised that Barbie had become a lot more interesting in those years I was busy being a goth kid (lol). I joined forums devoted to collectors, finding the My Scene collectors far more my sort of people. The Sindy lot were mostly older women, while MS seemed to attract both guys and girls of all ages. I got on well with them and when MH came out, a lot of us leapt at the chance to own such a strange novelty.

I never honestly expected the line to succeed. I thought it'd be a kinda cult thing, wouldn't end up mass market and mainstream. Oh hoh oh how wrong I was.

It's hard for a guy, but it's just as hard for an adult female to collect playline dolls it seems. The odd looks and those half smiles you get from people. Well, you just shake it off and I think to myself "How sad you can't rekindle your childhood and enjoy being young for a short while."

you gotta do what makes you happy, for some people that's books, for some it's DVDs and for others, it's toys. Toys are awesome, why should only kids get to enjoy them?

Im a male collector...and ive never really gave a flip what others thought....never have..and my favorite saying is if someone has a problem with my doll collecting, they are the ones with the problem..Ive been collecting Monster High since they very 1st came out in July 2010 and now have almost ever doll released but a couple.....since the popularity has grown, it makes them harder to find especailly with the scalpers which at times i actually think about stopping my collecting of MH because of that one reason...Scalpers!! But i know i wont...i just got to be patient and I will find the dolls im searching for..My only wish is that there were more open, honest male collectors.....then maybe there wouldnt seem like theres hardly any of us out there.

I'm glad that many people are able to collect freely and not be ashamed of the stupidity and ignorance of others.  I personally don't think there should be gender roles attached to anything.  Sure some things are more geared towards certain age groups or genders but I don't think there should be a limit or barrier.  I've grown up in the south with an old timey family who firmly believed that children should be seen and not heard, and a woman's place was in the kitchen.  My family was disappointed when I was born a girl and then didn't know how the hell to react when I turned into a tomboy, because even with the disappointment of me being a girl I was still under no circumstances supposed to want to play with GI Joe's or Hotwheels and what was I thinking playing video games.  I hid my likes for a long time, and as I continued to like dolls through high school and college I kept it a secret.  But no more.  I am unabashed to tell people yes I'm 26 and I play with dolls, girl dolls, action figures whatever the hell I like.  Things seem better society wise than they were when I was little, though they are no where near where they should be but I hope by the time I have children if my little girl wants to play Star Wars action figures with me and my little boy wants to play MLP that no one will give them grief over it.  To all of you who have felt ostracized or judged in some way for your likes and dislikes I empathize with you and hope that you will never let people tell you what is right or wrong for you to like.  I hope in time more boundaries will continue to be broken and fewer and fewer people will be pigheaded about things that don't matter to them anyways.  :)

I'm a 20 year old male collector as well. People seem to think it's really weird that I collect Monster High dolls but I don't care. I will continue to collect them because they make me happy and they got me out a depression. Yes, believe it or not.. I was a serious emotional depressed kid that didn't know where I was going in life. After I discovered Monster High, my outlook has totally changed! I'm no longer sad because now I have something to look forward to and a place (fandom, whatever) where I can be myself and fit in. When I meet new people, they often get weirded out by a guy my age collecting dolls and usually don't talk to me anymore afterwards. What I say is... if they didn't accept that, then it shows what kind of judgmental person they are, and I didn't want them around anyways.

Even my family and old friends remind me that it's kinda odd of me to collect dolls. I then do whatever I can to convince them that it's not all that weird, other guys are collectors and that I'm never going to stop so they better get used to it. Certain people aren't convinced yet (like my dad), but I think they're starting to see that the whole "dolls are for girls" tradition is a little old and outdated. It's exactly like the Friday Night Frights special. People will open up eventually as long as we keep reminding them that their stereotypes are a little silly.

My son loves MH dolls as much as i do, and whenever i buy one for him I expect negativity when i talk to store employees but i get a lot of people smiling and saying there's nothing wrong with that. This era has moved away from alot of gender stereotypes including childhood ones and I absolutely love that my son openly loves dolls.

This has to be the best thing I've read all day. Thank you so much for giving me a good laugh.

Anyway, I pretty much agree with everything said here. Gender roles can stay in the 1950's where they belong. When I was a kid, I liked playing with action figures as much as my Barbies. I loved X-Men and Batman as much as I loved Sailor Moon and Disney Princesses. And it's kind of sad how, at least in my experience, nobody seemed to bat an eyelash at a little girl playing with action figures, but if a boy played with dolls? Oh no! He's gonna turn out gay! Right. Because that's the only logical explanation for "feminine" taste. And even if your kid is gay, who cares? The only thing worse than outdated gender roles is homophobia, not to mention transphobia. It's sad that there's all this pressure put onto male children to be the epitome of masculine and anything that deviates from that is met with utmost ridicule, and in some cases, physical abuse. If you've never seen these Swedish Toys 'R Us ads, do have a look. It really gives me hope that these gender roles will soon be phased out completely.


So if I, a female, can collect action figures and model kits, then you dudes out there can collect and dress up dolls too. Some jerks out there might call you creepy or any number of things, but in the end, it's your money and your hobby. Do what you want.


AngelLust155 said:

"Dolls aren't like tampons, anyone of any age and any gender should be allowed to enjoy them."

I love your post, and all the responses it has so far. Everything I would wanna say is allready been said, and I agree with everything on here. And I sympathize for everyone who gets judged over this hobby, or has been given a hard time for it in the past.

@ Milkbatty: I too loved X-Men and Batman growing up! I used to love to play with my X-Men action figures, and still have quite a collection of them today XD The only weird looks I got back then was from some friends my age (around 9-10 years old), when I had a poster hanging in my room of some of the female characters in bathing suits looking all sexy... I couldn't care less XD

And I love how you mention the Swedish TRU ads, here in my country (the Netherlands), some stores labeled the MH dolls with stickers saying 'Toys for Girls and Boys'. It made me really happy when I saw that the first time :)

Im female & I love dolls, but I also love dinosaur & dragon figures. :)


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