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So I want to get Star Darlings Scarlet and I just learned that there’s at least two versions. Is there any, even minor, differences between the dolls in them? One comes with a silver ring, and the other comes with a book. Are there any other versions? Thanks!

Example 1

Example 2

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There are a lot of different versions of Star Darlings. Well, four of them, but it's still pretty excessive for the same set of five dolls. 

The first ones that came out were the Star Glow edition dolls which were Disney Store exclusive as far as I know. They came with bulky light-up stands and wish pendants with mini charms. 

The dolls then got released in US stores but without the stands or pendants, instead coming with a ring. These ring versions were never released in the UK - we instead got the same dolls with instruments instead of rings. And then finally, the dolls got an additional release in the US packaged with their respective books.

However, all of the dolls are exactly the same. 

The books are absolutely wonderful, I've read them. It does make a lot more sense to read them in order though. 

Omg that’s kind of annoying; thanks so much, though! I’ll probably get the book version, but the instruments might be cool, too!

I wonder if the dolls would have survived longer if instead of making all these identical doll releases they just actually made different scenario dolls. Everyone thought these dolls were so cute!

yes 4 versions of the same dolls with different stuff but in addition there were wishworld versions of some characters as well as TRU exclusives that came with pets.


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