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I got a fashionista in the mail and she looks like someone stepped on her. I've tried to fix her but I am supposed to get a refund. It honestly looked like one of the workers stepped on her and then said it's fine mail it out. Wrost service I've ever gotten from Amazon. If it happens to you say something. They broke her neck.

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Hello, Thrifty,

OUCH! That actually looks painful, and it's just a doll, but it was also your time and your money! Wow!  : O I hope that the situation is resolved satisfactorily.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Oh my goodness that poor doll! I hope they send you a replacement because DAMN

Poor doll. I can't believe they sent you something in that state. Maybe it happened during shipping?

They have to give you a refund anyway. I am glad I never bought anything from Amazon! lol

Poor doll! They better send you a new one!

Amazon is terrible, back in the day I had to get THREE count em' THREE replacements of the Deuce and Cleo Boo York two pack. Then they charged me for all 4, even though I sent the previous three back and over-drafted my bank by almost $200.  I could not pay and it was shut down and sent to collections, but not until the bank added their fees and it got to nearly a grand.

That’s totally not ok...


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