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Hello guys! I recently started rerooting, and I love it! Just got a few questions.

1. How do you part the doll hair? (Do you part it before or after the reroot?)

2. How do you make holes in the head of create-a-monsters?

3. If I want to reroot with yarn (instead of doll hair), how different is it from normal rerooting? Am I supposed to make the hair holes bigger? Am I going to need a bigger needle?

Also, I wanted to show my first reroot with you guys! ^^
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great tutorials @ that's where alot of us learn from!

I know how to reroot :)
I just want to know how to literally make holes and how to reroot with yarn. 

I learned to reroot from Dollyhair ^^
Witch Doctor said:

great tutorials @ that's where alot of us learn from!

She is beautiful. There is  a tutorial on parting the hair at Dollyhair as for the rest, not so sure.

Oh part it after the reroot.

Reece said:

She is beautiful. There is  a tutorial on parting the hair at Dollyhair as for the rest, not so sure.

Try this link. This custom has yarn reroot. Awsome job & she answers questions on it.

1. Parting the hair is done through a process called thatching. You can find a tutorial on it here:

2. You will have trouble putting holes in the hard part of the head, (Some people just style around it or drill holes). But with the soft part, you can actually poke the hole as you reroot if you desire, thread the needle, place it where you want it and reroot. Or you can poke the holes first by just poking a large needle all the way through. You need to decide the hairline, or the outside first. These holes with follow a curving line around the head. Then decide the parting spot, (Middle? or side?). The parting spot will go in a fairly straight line from the front of the hairline to near the middle of the head. There will be a big group of holes here. Try poking two lines of holes here in the  kind of way a zipper is made. So they fill in the spaces between each other (If that makes no sense i can try and describe it better). Then I would reroot those holes, and reroot as you poke the rest where there needs to be more hair.  Thatching comes last.

3. Well, the first reroot I ever did was on a barbie doll with yarn. I found that because of my lack of large needles, I had to split the yarn into two parts, (which was fairly easy because my yarn was made up of 4 thinner strands) and root it thinner. However, the half yarn pieces created INCREDIBLY thick hair. Though with monster high's holes further apart than barbie's, full yarn may work best. Though, full yarn may not pull through, so if that is true, try the half  yarn. Half yarn gets you a better texture.

In answer to your question, it is almost exactly the same as normal rerooting. You don't need to make the hair holes bigger, as when you (using the needle and knotting method) pull the yarn through it will make the hole as big as it needs to be. Your needle should be about the same size, but it must be able to pull through the holes with the yarn threaded (see last couple sentences in the paragraph about my barbie reroot).

That custom abbey looks awesome btw.


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