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I'm sure there's probably been a post regarding sightings for MH dolls in Southern California, but being that I'm new and didn't find a thread wanted to keep us connected and informed locally.

If you come across any new or hard to find MH dolls in LA/OC feel free to post what you're finding and where/when. Also if you're looking for a certain MH in the area post it so the community can help. I recently started collecting and have been to several TRU and Walmart stores and seen many dolls. Glad to help if you're hunting a specific MH. I'm looking for any of the boy MH dolls plus any other stores that might stock them besides Target/TRU/Walmart.


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I finally found Jinafire and Cleo yesterday, too, at a Target in Irvine. There were 3 of each. I still haven't seen the release basic Cleo, though I've seen Frankie and Draculaura a few times in my 3 nearest Targets.

Found lots of the new Ghoulebrities in London 3 pack at the Toys R Us on Los Feliz Blvd. today! So cute!

Spotted the Ghoulebrities as well, today. Also saw the Rochelle / Garrott pack pretty cool.
Anyone looking for the vinyl figures? My girls are loving those.


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