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Hello all! I decided to make a diary for my oc. Silvia Spooks is a girl who doesn't really care about life. But once she attends monster high, she realizes the meaning of friendship and life. Silvia then goes had to transfer schools and she starts to feel depression because she has to leave her old friends. 

Whatchu guys think? c:


September 10 - Of course we are on the move again. The new owners of our old house realized that they had a 'haunted' house so we had to pack our bags immediately. Like I care anyways, I never had any real friends and I never will. We are currently living in the basement of some run down hotel. It's nice... I guess. Tomorrow I will be attending a highschool by the name of monster high. School will remain the same, I won't open this diary for a while... it's not like there is anything fantastic in my life to write about.

September 14 - Hello Diary. The students at monster high seem very hyper. I usually just ignore everyone at lunch and just head down to the li brary. There are a lot of fellow bookworms like me, but I don't feel the need to socialize...

September 15 - I've never really written in my diary two days in a row.... yay? Today my parents found a house down the block where we will 'rest' for the time being. The place is a tornup building that is fenced off so nosy humans don't snoop around our buisness. The floorboards are broken, the curtains are ripped, and most of the windows are broken. But I'm a ghost.. so I guess I'm used to living in rundown houses...

September 26 - Today, some ghost girls passed by me with a friendly, "hello". This has never really happened to me before... usually, people forget I exsist and they just walk right through me. I replied with a friendly wave and we continued on with our undead lives.

October 6 - Wow Diary, last month I wrote in you four times... that's probably a new record! I spent the whole day reading from my favorite book. [Name of book + About]

October 11 - During Lunch I came in contact with a weird red girl. I was reading a novel called "The Ghoul's Across the Street" when 'she' came excitedly down the isle. She was helping this vampire girl find a book when she stopped and looked at me. At first I was wondering if she remembered me from a class but then she started screaming "OH MY GOTH, I love love love that book..." and she just kept babbling about how great the book was. I just listened to her, but I had to admit, it was a very interesting book. She asked my name, and I just said "Silvia" when instantly, the bell rang. We said our goodbyes and I was off to my next class. Now that I think about it... I never got her name..

October 18 - Today in biteology we were watching this very interesting video on how bat's nurse their young. I found it very fascinating, but the whole class was moaning through the whole thing. Our stupid teacher, Mr. B, decided to turn the movie off half way through, and we played this pointless (but apparently 'fun') game where I learned absolutely nothing! But it's ok, I plan on getting it at the school's library. I just need to find a device that plays videos... hmm...

October 22 - Today, Devina (the hyper red girl) invited me to eat lunch with her and her friends. You see, ghost don't actually eat, but it was a friendly jesture. I don't know if you notice diary, but I am not social what-so-ever. It's not like Devina wants to be my friend anyways. She's probably just trying to be nice to "the new girl".

October 26 - Devina caught me in the library again during lunch. She asked me where I was on monday. I simply answered "Us ghosts don't eat". She sure is talkative, but I guess that's what I like about her. She does all the talking, and I don't need to put my effort into asking about her life! Devina also invited me to her sleepover party on sunday. I would love to hang out with my new friend Devina, but other ghouls will be there (and we both know how social I am) so I told her no. She told me that if I change my mind, then to give her a call. But, I don't even have a phone..

October 29 - My parents decided to make me go to the sleepover at Devina's house (they told me it will "help me with my social skills"). I went there and all the other ghoul's were already there. We played an awkward game called 'truth or scare'. I didn't get the point of it, but the other ghouls thought my 'answers' were howlarious. Then we watched a human horror movie. It was about this human boy who was chasing a vampire girl with a weapon. Unliked the other ghouls, I was very interested. Devina and her friends just screamed "Turn it off!! This is scary!! Don't go in there!!". Overall, it was a fun night. I can't wait to do it again!

November 5 - Today I faked a sickness. Us ghosts don't actually get 'sick' but today I wasn't sick physically... but mentally. Yesterday, my parents told me the bad news that we are moving! My father overheard some humans mentioning that they are tearing down my home (and the other ones around me), to make a giant convinence store. Usually I am 'ok' with moving, but this would mean transferring schools. Monster High, is not like any of my previous schools, there is something special about it. There is this aching in my heart that I've never felt before. Yes Diary, I am crying. Ghosts can cry! We do have feelings...

November 7 - During lunch, I decided to not hang out with Devina. I hid in the library with my face in a giant atlas. I wasn't reading though. I was trying to hide my crying face. I hoped so badly that nobody would find me. I just wanted to be alone. I cried for half of the lunch period when I heard 'her'. I heard Devina's voice. She was gossiping about something that really didn't matter to me. I flew as fast as I could, anywhere but here was fine. The hallway was full of other monsters. Curious students stared at me as I pased by then. I ran into one of the ghoul's from the sleepover. She asked me, "What's wrong?". Thankfully the bell saved me. I quickly floated to my next class. Could my life suck anymore?

November 11 - Today my family started packing today. I successfully ignored all of my ghoul friends all week. My parents were all like "Is there anything wrong?". I would just shake my head and moan a bit. I just keep getting sadder and sadder. My parents showed me our new place, which was a lot nicer than where we are staying now. We also peeked in at the new school I will be attending, a big ominous building by the name of "Ghoulington High". I guess it's a nice school. The students seem friendly....

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I still have to finish the last entry, but I thought I would post this before I finished. ALMOST DONE THOUGH! Should have it on by tonight

November 12 -
Today was supposed to be my last day attending monster high. I didn't want to go back to school and see my friends, it would just make my heart ache more... I told my parents that I had to pack still. By one o clock, my parents were going to bring their stuff to the new house. They were going to be a while since they had to fly over there. I was tired so they said we will make a second trip, and I had the honor of searching the house to make sure we didn't miss anything. I already checked four times, we only had to bring my stuff, and my parents' last bag. I just sat on the floor and cried. I was alone, I could finally let all of my feelings out. I yelled and screamed at myself. I cried like crazy. And the worst part, I didn't get to say "bye" to my new friends. That is when I heard the door. It was probably my parents so I wiped my tears and walked to the door. I opened the door and it was Devina! There are no words that could describe how I was feeling. I was shocked, happy, sad, everything!
“Oh Silvia!” She loudly exclaimed, “I was wondering why you weren't at school, so I checked the school's records an...." she paused when she saw my expressionless face turn into tears. At this moment, I realized what a great ghoulfriend Devina was. I crying both tears of happiness and sadness. I was going to be leaving the most important friend I ever made in my life. "SILVIA! WHAT'S WRONG?!" Devina shouted while hugging me. I explained everything. I told her about transfering schools, ditching her during lunch, and my sadness. She just hugged me and said, "Wipe your tears, darling."
After everything that happened, my parents came home and Devina explained to them what has been happening. My parents felt very sorry for not helping with my problems. We finally said our goodbyes in the end, and she said I could visit her anytime. I also got her 'number' and my parents said they are going to get me a phone! So today was probably the best day ever! I'm glad I will still be seeing Devina, eventhough I'm moving! :)

November 16 - Sorry diary, TODAY was the best day ever! It took us a while, but we successfully moved into our new house. I haven't been in school at all this week, because my parents and I worked something out. My parents agreed on letting me go to monster high, because they were afraid I would go back to my miserable old self. So I got a transfer from my school "Ghoulington High" to go to "monster high". There is a bus on my street that drives to the block whick monster high is located on. So as long as I can make the bus everyday, I can still go to monster high! Today was my "first" day at monster high. It was really cool seeing Devina's face when she saw me walking through the halls. She screamed wth joy and she just couldn't stop hugging me.

I mean Diary, I had to transfer back to monster high. Monster high changed my life. At first, I thought there was no point in life and I was 'forever alone'. But now, I'm actually somebody here, people actually care about me. Now, I can't wait for the clawesome adventures Devina and I will have now that I am back where I belong.

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