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Hello I dont really have anyone to talk to about my collection to at home and Id love to hear other opinions from MH collectors. I've been collecting MH since they first hit the shelves and have been buying them ever since. I've come to realize theres just too many to collect for myself. I've already sold half my collection and only kept my 1st waves, 2nds waves and dead tired. Should I continue just buying those types of MH dolls? I passed up on a 1st wave howleen the other day and Im starting to regret it. I just dont kno if I should continue my collection or not.

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It sounds like you still really like the dolls, you just feel like there are too many to keep collecting. If that's the case, you should only get the dolls that really appeal to you; leave the ones you're not so into on the store shelves.

I agree with MDNA John, dont stop if you are still enjoying them, just buy the ones u want the most. 

I try to just collect one of each character type. Unless I can buy or trade for damaged/broken ones. I can't get everything so I don't try to.

I go through this sometimes too, questioning whether I should continue collecting them. I feel the same way, that with so many releases it gets overwhelming. I'd agree with others here & say continue, but just get the ones that really appeal to you.

Yeah I agree with what everyone has said. Buy what you want to buy and keep reciepts just in case you change your mind, that of course means keeping them in the box though.

Thank you so much for your responses. Ill be sure to keep receipts and Keep mint in box. I case I decide to no longer keep the doll with in the return period. I would like to keep collecting the ones I like. Its great to hear I have options in case I decide not to keep a doll Thank You! :) Time to get Howleen tonight lol.

I originally intended to only collect mostly Draculaura and one of each's slowly getting out of hand and I now have some that I have more than one Character of lol

I think I need to go back to only buying Draculaura, special release dolls like Scaris, 1600th, Scary Tales etc.


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