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Hello everyone:) I decided to sell some of my dolls because they are taking too much space. And I'm going to the U.S. for internship this June so some extra money would be nice:)

Anyways, I have many positive feedback here. You can view it from my page.(Click my avatar)

    I will be shipping from Turkey, and I can ship anywhere. Since my schedule isn't very tight recently, any day is okay for me to go to the post office,except weekends.

   My previous sales and trades were mostly to the U.S., so to give you some idea about the price of shipping and the time a package takes to arrive:

-The price is generally between 5$-15$. And which state you are in doesn't matter much.

-It takes 3 weeks to 1 month for a package to arrive to the U.S.

(By the way, these apply to Canada too.)


Thank you:)

NIB Swim Class Holt - 40$

Wave 1/ Basic Toralei - 45$ ( It looks NIB but it's not. I'm keeping her in the package just in case. If you want I can get rid of the packege or just send with it.)

NIB Wave 1 Cleo&Deuce - 90$

NIB Monster High CAM: Skeleton Girl, Harpy Girl, Bee Girl - I wasn't sure how to price them. Willing to take offers.

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Those are great dolls and good prices.

Good luck with your sales.

Thank you:)

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