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Really in need of money because my husband was out of work from October up until late April which resulted in us maxing out our credit cards, so unfortunately I have to part with a handful of my dolls. All are out of the box (except Home Ick Abbey & Heath, 13 Wishes Twyla, and Scaris Draculaura) and have not been played with, they are all adult owned and displayed, all are in excellent condition, just may have a little dust from sitting around. I can only ship within the US (unless you are willing to pay for international shipping) and each doll is $10 shipping, but I will combine shipping if you buy more than one. PayPal only please. Prices listed below do not include shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions about the dolls. I can only ship on Mondays and Wednesdays since all of my dolls are still at my parents' house and those are the only days I'm near their home.

Here's what I have:

-1st wave Spectra with box, brush, stand, pet, diary, purse, and all her original accessories... $40

-Skull Shores Gil Webber with his pineapple drink, helmet, necklace, shoes, and clothes, picture of him, and original orange stand, no map or box... $60

-1st wave Robecca Steam with box, all original accessories, pet, stand, and diary... $20

-1st wave Operetta with box, stand, pet, diary, and all original accessories... $30

-Gloom Beach Cleo with all original accessories, no box, no stand (don't think she came with those), she has her glasses, fan, bracelet, leg bracelet thing, earrings, shoes, and clothes... $10

-Snow Bite Draculaura with all of her original accessories, but no box... $20

-Abbey from Dot Dead Gorgeous 3 pack with all of her original accessories, no brush, no stand, no box... $10

-Draculaura from Dot Dead Gorgeous 3 pack with all of her original accessories, no brush, no stand, no box... $10

-Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra with all of her original accessories, stand, and picture, no box... $15

-Dance Class Operetta with all her original accessories, no box, no stand or brush... $10

-Scaris Rochelle Goyle with all of her original accessories, suitcase, stand, diary, brush, no box... $15

-1st wave Scaris Skelita with all of her original accessories, suitcase, diary, and stand, brush, no box... $15

-13 Wishes Twyla new in box... $15

-Scaris Draculaura new in box... $10

-Home Ick Abbey & Heath new in box... $30

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Are they still available? How much for all of them?
Right now I'm just waiting to hear about Skelita and 1st Wave Abbey, they're on hold at the moment, but the rest are all still available!
All of them together would be $360.00 before shipping (I'd have to see how much it would cost to ship so many but I'll cut you a break for helping me out!), and if the other person still wants Skelita and Abbey it will be $315.00 before shipping. I'll try to fit as many in one box as possible without squishing them together, may have to be a few separate boxes coming your way, haha :)
How about without 13 wishes twyla and snow bite Draculaura?
Then it would be $325 before shipping :) The person who had Skelita on hold no longer wants her, so just waiting to hear about Abbey. Abbey has a small line on her face so I'm not sure if she still wants her. Without Snow Bite, Twyla, and Abbey it would be $295 before shipping.
Hey! :) She's on hold right now, could I get back to you? I'm still waiting to hear about her!
Just incase anyone wants to see the mark on Abbey's face incase the person she's on hold for no longer wants her.

I tried removing it with alcohol and other wipes but nothing has worked thus far :/


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