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Selling some Monster High repaints by @LilSkullitaDolls

So I set up an Etsy page for my dolls a while back and I wanted to post it around :) The link is here

My prices are a bit different depending on how hard the repaint was to do, but I do have a wishlist if you'd wanna trade <3 It's at the bottom of the page!

If I'm not allowed to post this here, I'll be sure to remove it.

Here's some recent dolls that are currently up for sale:

- Iris Clops OOAK

- Gigi Grant OOAK

- Kjersti Trollson OOAK

- Lorna McNessie OOAK

There's loads more on my Etsy, I'd be happy if you checked it out <3

Want list:

- Any Purrsephone and Meowlody set

- Astranova(Blue)
- Sirena Von Boo

- Rochelle dolls

- Mouscedes King

- I Heart Fashion packs

- Gilda Goldstag

- Viperine Gorgon

- Create a monster sets

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