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Finally is here guys !!! I really don't have to much hope on it because I have the feeling we had seen everything already, I'm only excited to see Finnegan and Valentin, I'm sure will see ME wave 2, GG (to me looks like the ghouls go to Hexico with skelita I wish this so bad), the budget dolls, Sweet 1600 Draculaura and the big revealed is going to be mermaids and more mermaids... I wish to see more mansters or new characters...please share everything about the comic con, news, pics, links... And of course your thoughts

P.s. I'm still waiting for ghoul fair wave 2 with Skelita and I dream that one day we can get her brother but this is just a dream...

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Loving Whisp!!!!!! Wish she just came with her genie bottom (tail?), but the fact that she has both it & legs is awesome.  She'll probably just be a reg doll (with legs, no genie option) when her I <3 Fashion version comes out though; since that is what will make the SDCC version special...

With the leaks, I'm not excited as usual; but still hoping for a surprise (or 10) and more pics of the newbies.

when does sdcc start? 

I believe that today is "preview day" but tomorrow is the official start.  

The only things Ive seen so far (on Tumblr) are Whisp/Valentine & the Nefera vinyl...

TTPM just did a review on Whisp and Valentine. I just love Whisps smoky "tail"

@monsterhighCheck in tomorrow morning for a scary-cute surprise of miniature proportions!  #MHComicConReveal #SDCC2015#MonsterHighSDCC #GetExcited

omg i need count fabulous!!

Why the pets again? Didnt they likeliterally just do secret critters like last year but stopped for some reason?
I hope we get to see some more newer pets that belong to the newer characters. After Gigi and Twyla we never saw pets again.

Ghoul Fair Skelita with piñata!  Thankfully!  

So Finnegan does have plastic hair … doesn't matter, I'm just so freakin' excited he's here!

I love that Whisp comes with an interchangeable smoke tail - very cool feature!

Whisp is awesome. I really hope she get release soon to everyone with the changing tail included.

Wow the enthusiasm and pics have went really down this year. Even the display, a bunch of glass cases, compared to that awesome catacombs display 2 years ago is yawn worthy. So sad.

Thank you for the pics. I love this pack was not a fan of the Boo York chrome theme pieces on the doll's clothes. Does anyone know when this 3pk is getting release in stores.

Here's more of the 3 pack.


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