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Just scored a MAJORLY GOOD deal on eBay! I got from an adult collector Music Festival Drac/Clawd, 13 Wishes Catty, Scaris Deuce, and Ghouls Rule Drac all in never played with shape for the low price of $27.99! I am stunned! With shipping and tax it came to $46, but still less than $10 a doll. That brings my collection to 18 dolls now.

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Congratulations -- that's a great price!  I hope you've got the space to display them (I don't!). :D

lol I don't have space anymore either but I keep adopting more in thrift stores. HELP!  lol


Great deal. Enjoy them!

Thanks everyone, and yes, I have space! I miss MH so badly, previously sold all mine, and now am just trying to relive my mid to late 20's (31 this year) and get back to a "better time" in my life. Nostalgia sucks lol. 


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