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Scaris two Pack with Lagoona and Cleo pictures! Update 2 with more pictures by me

They were found in Germany,not by me,but two people found them already and put them on ebay:

Edit:Now more people found it in Germany at the Toys R us,here is a out of the box picture of them:

Edit2:Today I went to my local Toys R us and i had the luck to find them ! They were there eight times.I swear the dolls are so much more beautiful in real :-) Cleo and Lagoona going shopping together reminds me of a scene in Lagoonas diary,in which she said that she met Cleo at the Maul and Cleo made her the offer to buy her a lot of clothes because she thought that Lagoona can´t afford it.

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Wow! They both look awsome!

Cleo is gorgeous, but i'm not feeling Lagoona. I dunno, her dress is a bit... sack-like to my eye and she's just not grabbing me. But oh Cleo, so pretty. The bright lips look great and oo is that an extra pair of shoes?

Aww, super-cute. Can't wait to see this in the US.


Yes,you are right,the seller says they both have an extra pair of shoes and stands are also included.

Very cool!

Awesome! I really like Cleo but not really feeling Lagoona too much. Her outfit is kind of plain. It sucks how he first people to find the new dolls always seem to be scalpers who put 'em up on ebay :(

I think I will have to see more pictures of this before I decide if I want to get it. And the scarf (?)In lagoonas bag looks the same material As her dance class tutu and her extra shoes look like that are her wave 2 shoes reused again!?!


Ooo. I definitely want this :D Cleo looks awesome and I love her dress!

I love this Cleo, she's beautiful. I'm definitely getting a set for myself and my daughter wants it too but she has so many doubles of these characters already, we'll see.

I quite like this! :)
Not a fan of Cleo or Lagoona but this is cute- extra shoes, bags and simple but effective outfits, can't complain.

We've been spoiled to start with as we got all new things with each release: new bags, shoes, earrings, bracelets! But now to make it more cost effective we're getting reused/recoloured items and personally I love it! It's fun to buy a doll and then realise 'oh look, that was from (insert doll here)'

I don't think people should complain about it really; it's just a business technique and we should enjoy the fact we're getting new releases!

Sooo Happy!!

You know, I'm really thinking that if my TRU store hadn't have put that shelf tag out by mistake and I didn't happen to stop by that day, we might never have know about this set until it hit stores.

I'm happy with it! It's my dream 2 pack as they are my two favorite characters! Can't wait to get my hands on two of them! :)


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