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Kay it was actually for a thing I wanted to try on tumblr! Doodle Wednesday!! Where you do a 30 minute doodle and post it!!

And here's mine of Rochelle!!

Hope you all like it! ^_^

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This looks amazing! :3

It's beautiful! Job well done :)

beautiful great job :)

Thank you very much everyone! :D

My gosh, she looks lovely! And so soft and gentle with those colors, despite being made of stone. I especially love her eyes; so big and sweet and perfect. ^.^ Can't believe you did this in 30 min. 

Thank you all again people! :D

Also here's another part of the Doodle Wednesday (though this took longer than 30 minutes) of Draculaura and Valentine!!

Oo, very pretty vamps! I really like how you do their eyes and expressions. What exactly is this 'Doodle Wednesday' thing you do though? Is it a Tumblr thing? A personal commitment? Something done between friends?

Yes it's a thing done every Wednesday on Tumblr where we all do quick doodles of any MH character we want. It's similar to our No Shame Sunday thing where we take pictures of ourselves with our dolls. It's a fun way to get drawings done :). And they're both very new at the moment.


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