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What is bbts?

big bad toy store

Ooh. >_< duuh. Thank you!

Purple Jae said:

big bad toy store

Now I wait patiently for Ghoulia lol

Just ordered my Frankie! ^_^ thank you!

Have you used them and will they come before a lot of the other stores?


I have bought from BBTS many times. I find that they tend to get products maybe a week before or around the same time of stores. They don't take forever like Entertainment Earth does. Honestly, I don't pre-order from BBTS in hopes of getting stuff before the stores do, I do it to ensure I'll get one instead of having to hunt all over and burn gas. If you do find what you ordered before your order ships, you can cancel the order. Here's their cancellation policy:

Products may be cancelled within 15 days of product purchase. This date is based on each individual product's purchase date, not the date of order placement or payment. No cancellations will be accepted after 15 days of the product purchase. This policy applies only to items that have not yet shipped.

So this means, if you find the doll you pre-ordered in a store before it is marked "SHIPPED", you can cancel it.

thank you ;) ordered clawdeen for my daughter ;)

Thanks for the info, I will give it a try!


I think you'll be pleased either with the order or being able to cancel without problems. :)

I'm so happy this post is going to help out so many.

I'm going to buy at least 2 of Clawdeen. I can see a lot of eBay sellers suddenly screaming obscenities though.

I have Draculaura, an original, and didn't pay much attention to the first reissue. And I opted to sell my signature Frankie in favor of her wave 2 version which I prefer. Kinda wish Lagoona or Ghoulia, or even extra-pricey Holt would get another run.


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