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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

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TK Maxx has the boxy girls (the first wave) for £6.99. Good price if anybody is interested. Quite tempted to buy one but I find the Snapstars more interesting. I always check TK Maxx hoping to find Project MC2 dolls!! I can dream...

Smyths has the Snapstars for £9.99. Not bad compared to £18. There is a strangeness I like about them. I am sure they will go down in price but I took 2 home in case they suddenly disappear lol (very bad, it is not car boot sales prices! and it is very unlikely they will disappear, they will end up in all the discount stores). The fashion packs were £5 but there were not many left. The Entertainer and Argos have the Snapstars as well so they are not a Smyths exclusive after all.

yeah I saw Boxy girls at T.K Maxx today, only the first wave so far was hoping they would get the ones the UK missed out on but oh well. 

Snapsters were Smyths exclusives but now they have gone to the other stores, I saw them today at entertainer but I got them all except the set but I'm not getting that cause I have an Aspen, I was hoping they would have Vita but I'm guessing she was just for the contest. 


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