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So, I have 2 discussions on this topic now, this one and Post Monster High Sightings Here (UK Only).

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Saw 5 C.A. Cupids for £15 at Asda today!

Yeah, they have been out for a while now but congratulations on your find!

Flossie D said:

Saw 5 C.A. Cupids for £15 at Asda today!

You can get ballpoint pens and notebooks for £1 at Poundland.

Crazy considering how much of America still can't find her.

Yeah US distribution is messed up. I guess we're lucky. We wait a bit longer but when things do hit, they flood the market. We get drought then flood,the US just seems to get drought.

I guess it is equal though. They get loads of Cleo and Deuce packs and Gloom Beach 5 packs but we don't get hardly any of that stuff. I am still looking for reasonably priced fashion packs.

We had loads of Cleo Deuce packs when they first came out, but the UK seems to hold older stock for much less time. So we get a lot of things discontinued much faster than the US. It creates scarcity they never see. Like the DT and DOTD lines, discontinued and thus nowhere to be found here, but still stocked in the US.

We get lots but for a shorter amount of time. So with MH, you really do have to grab it when you can or risk never seeing it again.

My Toys R Us had loads of Cleo and Deuce packs but now they have none.

Also Toys R Us has 5 Jackson Jekyll basic dolls. has Jackson, Abbey, Rochelle, Operetta, Nefera, Toralei, 1600 Clawdeen, Frankie & Draculaura (Clawd is on/off) in stock. has alot of stuff in-stock right now, compared to usually. They have the werecats, too.

very have Toralei? wow.. haven't seen her in a while.

I almost bought the werecats again lol, but I kinda want to pick out a set myself. I have a nice purrsephone, now I need a decent Meowlody but the ones I keep seeing have really short bangs which irritates me.

Roller maze and new CAMs (boys + cat/witch) are in the UK, apparently!

There's some on eBay, from a UK seller, so I asked where she got them from and she said she went into her 'local toy shop' and dug around the shelves and found them!
She's based in Barnsly. I'm totally checking my local shops tomorrow ;3

Was in TRU today and they had nothing new, and hubby went to Tesco a couple of days ago and nothing. Still, someone on here did say they found the fashion packs before any of us had seen them in places like TRU (were they seen in Toymaster or something first?) so maybe she's telling the truth. Hope so, would love to see them all in person! (Although all I really want is Ghoulia's brain helmet XD)


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