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Hello, I have a question about spraying dolls with sealer, specifically monster high dolls.
I use MSC uv flat and it's supposed to take the shine out of any surface and is supposed to be matte when I spray my dolls but when I do spray them it ends up drying shinier than I would prefer.
Is there anyway that I could fix this, do I have to spray it a certain way do I need a different sealer? I've researched that MSC was the best for dolls. :/ I'm at a loss here.

This is a practice doll that I have been trying to do but somehow when I spray the MSC it ends up drying with this shiny gloss that I do not want at all. It's flat/matte sealer so I don't understand why it's doing this...As you see the back that I didn't spray isn't like that.

i can't start customizing my MH dolls until I find out what's wrong with my sealer so please help!

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I think the issue is that you're using mod podge, it's not really a good sealer to use for faceups it's more of a glue. You should invest in some MSC flat/matte the face will be fine when you use it and you would be able to squeeze it and everything.  it's like $15 on ebay, but make sure not to get uv cut.

Gabby Goyle (2) said

That may be, I did not find out about MSC until after I had started using the paint on sealers. The one time I used a spray sealer everything I had painted melted & melded together. So I have not used a spray sealer since.

That's horrible o.o Must have been the type you used. I only know that Msc is specifically for face ups,


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