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Which dolls did you get first? Name your dolls in the order you got them :)

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-Clawdeen wolf(wave 1)

-Draculaura(wave 1)

-Lagoona Blue(wave 1)

-Cleo DeNile(schools out)

-Clawdeen Wolf (gloom beach)
-Ghoulia Yelps (dead tired )

-Cleo DeNile (gloom beach)(i got frankie DT that day with cleo but i opended her fist )

-Frankie Stein (Dead Tired)

-Laagoona Blue (DOTD) 

-Ghoulia Yelps (DOTD)

-Draculaura (Dead Tired)

-Toralei (basic)

-lagoona blue (Dead tired with bed)


-Abbey Bominable (basic)

-Clawdeen wolf (schools out)

-Draculaura (skull shores)

specra fashion pack

more coming

total-17 dolls,1 bed 1 fashion pack

I only collect the dolls I really want! Mostly Draculaura's


*Draculaura (Wave 1)

*Draculaura (from Clawd & Drac set, from eBay) in a Fearleading outfit

*Draculaura's Coffin Bed

*Spectra (Basic)

*Abbey (Basic)

*Draculaura (Gloom Beach)

*CAM Vampire & Sea Monster

*Nefera (Basic)

*Cleo (Schools Out)

*Spectra Fashion Pack

*Draculaura (Skull Shores)


My 'to buy' list is getting bigger for this year...



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