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Which dolls did you get first? Name your dolls in the order you got them :)

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Cleo and Deuce giftset

Lagoona Basic

Ghoulia Basic (on the same day with Clawdeen)

Clawdeen Basic (on the same day with Ghoulia)

Frankie Basic (on the same day with Draculaura)

Draculaura Basic (on the same day with Frankie)

Jackson Gloom Beach

Abbey Basic

Spectra Basic

Gil Skull Shores

Operetta Basic

...And that's pretty much it :D

1. GB Draculaura. I found her in a bag of Barbies I bought for an adorable Tong Betty doll and decided to wipe her down and use her as a canvas, who became the girl in my icon, Caddy Avver. There was a long gap between here until a friend of mine commented on a picture of Caddy on FB and sparked my interest.

2. DT Cleo. Technically not bought, let alone for me. I ordered her online at 14$ or so for a friend of mine shortly before The Drought began.

3. GB Jackson. These things are everywhere.

4. Holt Hyde, basic. I took interest in the webisodes and quickly snatched him up on Amazon; he actually should be my 3rd doll, but we stopped at a local gorcery on our way home from a long day of shopping and found Jackson. This was the beginning of my rush. He's also occasionally the doll I regret most.  I bought him with an Amazon giftcard, but the giftcard was 50$-- and Abbey, at the time, was only 40$!

5. Skeleton CAM 1: Anna. I bought her and repainted her. She didn't get improvements, a character, or a sister until a few weeks later.

6. Killer Style Frankie &

7. Killer Style Draculaura. A few weeks after I bought Jackson, the same local grocery had a sale: All of the Killer Style dolls were now 3.14$ each. I proceeded to scoop up all six on the shelf (three of each) and buy them all. Ca-ching! Two are on display, two Draculauras (both had significant flaws) became customs, and the other two Frankies are going as gifts.

8. C.A. Cupid! I became jealous once I found a friend of mine had her, but luckily, one of MY friends found her in her city. She bought her and let me pay her back. <3

9. SS Ghoula

10. GB Frankie

11. S1600 Clawd. He's special to me because the night before I bought him, I posted on FB that my only wish for the day was to find Clawd. I went to TRU, a 90 minute drive. . .Nothing. The shelf was more bare than Deuce's scales. I wandered the store for a bit, and following human instinct, stepped down a baby aisle to check a very pretty person out. As I turned to avoid being noticed, I saw a black box with some familiarity. I grabbed it and booked it out of there to avoid embarrassment. When I finally looked at it-- it was Clawd! And I was the most excited thing, like a chihuahua, for hours. Sadly, he was also 40$, but I still got him!

12. SS Cleo

13. Nefera Basic

14. Skeleton Girl 2: Mia. Anna's younger sister, repainted. o v o This one was the one who's joints broke, because they were faulty. . .Or I'd just mistreated them.

14. Operetta 1

15. S1600 Draculaura. I'm fond of her and hjer ridiculous Elvira bump. <3

16. Operetta 2

17. SS Gil

18. SS Abbey. Finally! I'd been searching religiously since the day she came out-- as in, sometimes 14 stores per DAY without finding a single thing. I'd lost hope of finding any type of Abbey recently, until I got lucky at TRU and managed to snag her up with Gil. I'm still recovering from the spazzing.

19.. DotD Deuce: Actually a late birthday gift. . .He was 40$ on Amazon, bleh!

Along the lines, I obviously got the two basic CAM packs, along with the bee (Beeatrice/DJ B), the three-eyed ghoul (Trinity), the Roadster, four Monster High shirts, two Monster High bags, a Monster High necklace, ordered a Monster High duffle bag on Etsy, bought a Monster High halloween costume, a Creeperific charm (Cleo's for the tiny Hisette!), the Monster High nailpolish set, two of the single-kits of makeup (Frankie, Draculaura), and a few other things.

Sadly, my two S1600 keys, the creeperific charm, and my Count Fabulous charm from the Killer Style sets were stolen while I was at TRU spazzing over Abbey. :c I have bad luck!

I have receipts, but I don't feel like getting them, so I'll just guess. :|

Basic Frankie: Christmas 2010

Basic Draculaura and Lagoona: 12/26/2010 from Target.

Basic Clawdeen: Late december/early january 2010/2011 from Walmart.

Basic Ghoulia: Sometime in spring 2011 from Walmart.

Dead Tired Draculaura: August 2011 from Target, same day as I got her coffin.

Classroom Lagoona: Sometime in fall 2011 from Target.

SO Lagoona: Sometime in fall 2011 from Target.

Sweet 1600 Clawdeen: Christmas 2011

Toralei: Christmas 2011

Sweet 1600 Draculaura: Sometime in January..? From Walmart

Nefera: January 20th 2012 from Target

Operetta: March 5th from Target

Because, I didn't start til mid Decem 2011, I bought quite a few alk at once for my daughter to have somewhat of a starter collection. Ironically, the very first doll I came across and bought was Spectra and at a Kohls, of all places! Later come to find out she's one if the rarer dolls you'll come across. I guess it was pure luck! : ) The last doll I got her last week was DT Cleo. So far we have 39 dolls.

So far, I've bought most of my dolls in groups:

1. Basic Lagoona, Dead Tired Draculaura

2. Basic Ghoulia, DotD Lagoona

3. Skull Shores Ghoulia

4. Skull Shores Abbey, Skull Shores Draculaura

5. Sweet 1600 Frankie, Cupid, Dead Tired Ghoulia

6. School's Out Cleo

7. Fearleading pack, Nefera, Operetta, DotD Ghoulia, Dead Tired Frankie, Dead Tired Cleo

8. Toralei, Sweet 1600 Clawdeen

Easy :)

1) Abbey- November 2011

2)Ghoulia-December 2011

3)Frankie Dead tired-December 2011

4)Lagoona classroom-December 2011

6)Clawdeen- January 2012

5)Toralei-January 2012

6)Spectra-February 2012

7)Gil-February 2012

8)CAM dragon/werewolf-February 2012

9)Hydration station/Lagoona Dead Tired-March 2012

10)Nefera-March 2012



Lagoona Blue


Frankie Stein GB

Cleo & Deuce

Clawdeen Wolf

Ghoulia Yelps

Toralei Stripe

Abbey Bominable


Nefera de Nile

DOTD 3 pack


S16 Draculaura

Basic Frankie

Basic Deuce

Basic Draculaura

SS Abbey


SO Cleo

And I'm just getting started


Classroom Lagoona

SS Lagoona

SS Abbey

Bought Spectra from someone in Sweden, and she's on her way at the moment

Then Toralei

And SS Draculaura

1) Frankie Basic
2)Clawdeen basic
3)Ula D basic
4)Lagoona basic
5/6)Cleo and Deuce set
7)Ghoulia basic
8)frankie Gloom beach
9)cleo Gloom beach
10)draculara Gloom beach
11)clawdeen Gloom beach
12)Jackson Gloom beach
13)DOTD Frankie
14)DOTD Clawdeen
15)DOTD Cleo
16)DOTD Draculaura
17)DOTD Deuce
18)DOTD Lagoona
19)DOTD Ghoulia
20)Ghoulia Gloom beach
21)Spectra basic
22)Abbey Basic
23)Frankie DT
24)Cleo DT
25)Ghoulia DT
26)Draculara DT
27)Lagoona - with hydration station
28)Clawdeen - With room to howl bunkbeds
29/30) Ula D and Clawd wolf set
31/32/33) Fearleading 3 pack- Cleo, Ghoulia and Ula
37)Comic con Ghoulia
38-42)two cam sets and add ons
43)C.A. Cupid
44)Clawd sweet 1600
45)Draculara sweet 1600
46)Frankie sweet 1600
47)Clawdeen sweet 1600
48)Abbey SS
49)Gil SS
50)Lagoona SS
51)Ghoulia SS
52)Ula D SS

1.Basic Lagoona

2.Basic Draculaura

3.Draculaura Plush Friend

4.Basic Frankie 

5.SDCC B&W Frankie

6.Lagoona Blue Plush Friend

7.DOTD Frankie

8.SDCC Dead Fast Ghoulia

9.SO 2 Pac Clawd & Draculaura

10.DOTD Lagoona 

11.DOTD 3 Pac Frankie,Draculaura, & Clawdeen

12.SO Frankie

13.SO Lagoona

14.Basic Spectra

15.1600 Draculaura

16.C.A. Cupid

17.Spectra Plush Friend

18.SS Lagoona

19.SS Abbey

20.Basic Abbey

21.1600 Frankie

22.Basic Operetta

23.SS Draculaura

24.Basic Toralie

25.Another Operetta

26.DT Frankie 

27.DT Draculura

28.Lagoona Blue Hydration Station

29.Frankie Plush Friend

30.Pursephone & Meowlody

-Frankie (basic)
-Jackson (gloom beach)
-Ghoulia (basic)
-Lagoona (basic)
-Clawdeen (gloom beach)
-Spectra (basic)
-Lagoona (schools out)
-Clawdeen (schools out)
-Cleo (schools out)
-Gill (skull shores)
-Toralei (basic)
-Nefera (basic)
-Meowlody and Purresephone (basic)


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