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I haven't roleplayed on here in forever! So; I decided to make a RP for my mains. To clarify, my mains are:




And I thought I'd invite my amazing friend, Tori! 

Now, I have plenty o' excuses for not roleplaying on here. But, I thought I'd just say I had finals today, and I have more tomorrow, and then I'm done with school. Today and tomorrow are half days too XD So, I'll have more RP time! Now, tell me what couples have developed while I was gone! Isabelle or whateves and Shane are a couple, aren't they? Or was that completely stupid and out of range? XD Now, to the theme!

I've been listening to Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield (I think? XD), and my favourite line was "Open up the dirty window". And, my favourite TV show was canceled, and I watched the series finale last night, so I thought I could manage to tie something with those two up. The show is called Touch, by the way. So, the boos and ghouls get locked in a special hospital place against their will and all, to be tested on and stuff like that. Chances of anyone being able to escape are around less than 5%, unless you're an escape artist XD No, not even escape artists. The point is to escape before anyone is experimented on, of course! I'm too lazy to start, one of ya'll start after filling me in XD

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((Dude, you should so move to my school next year XD Yeah, Sheila also has a thing for Shane, and I was just wondering XD Sheila can share XDDDDD))

Bella's PoV~

I push open the dirty window, and shove my head through. "Oh wow." I say, looking out and above. It was an amazing view! I push my heel against the wall, and start to lean farther out the window. From my waist up, I was out. An alarm went off as I started pushing out farther, and a doctor rushed in and pulled me back. "Damn you!" I screamed, my wings flittering. Casey was in a trance from the blank TV. "I like this show." She said, tilting her head. 

((Too lazy to find it again XD No; Shane isn't a two-timer XD Sheila wouldn't like that. C: ))

"Pretty pretty people on the TV." Casey says, childlike, before fainting. The doctor locks the window, and leaves the room. Everyone was supposed to spend time in me, Casey, and Bella's room most of the time. It got annoying quickly. I started taking glasses and filling each glass with a different amount of water. I grabbed two spoons and started lightly tapping the glasses. I started to play the beat to Rolling in the Deep and expected someone to sing along. I patiently continued, still waiting. 

I continue lightly hitting the cups, it still matching the song. My wings flap a bit more and I move into a position where I'm flying, in a laying position, barely off the floor. 

"Gimme a cup, please." I say, looking over at Sheila, she grabs the two girls' cups, and hands me one. We sit down on the coarse carpet, and Sheila starts us off. After two turns, I join in. We start the normal version, and then start the add-ons we made. "I've got my ticket for a long way 'round. The one with or without you. There's valleys and lakes, and forests o' mistakes, oh. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. When I'm gone. When I'm goooone. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. You're gonna miss me by my eyes. You're gonna miss me by surprise, OH! You're gonna miss me when I'm gone." I sing, holding my light voice back a bit. Sheila finishes more, "When I'm gone."s, and then she sings, "You're gonna miss me by my face. I think you're rather late, oh! You're gonna miss me when I'm gone." We both slam the cups down, and Casey wakes up. "ACK! Shut up! I'm trying to watch my favourite show!" She screams, and goes back into a trance by the TV.

Sheila and I exchange glances. "Why don't we have like a little Monster's Got Talent thing? There's an auditourium, and a room filled with instruments. It'll be fun!" Sheila tells everyone, and I nod. Sheila obviously would want to cheer. Ballet would be suitable for me, but maybe singing. Or playing an instrument. Oh, who knows? "Did anyone notice we lost Ig when we got here?" Sheila then asks, and I look back at the experiment schedule. "Her experiments were first." I state, and a mournful look fills everyone's face. "She must've not made it." Mason says, half-way under the bed. His head to his waist was under the bed, as Baylee was painting his toe-nails. "Stay STILL!" She screamed at him, but he still fidgeted. Riff was on top of the bed, his tail spread out. Jason was looking around for a set of keys for the windows and/or the doors. 

"To the instrument roooooom!" I scream, and flap my wings a bit more so I'm flying. I open the door, and dash out. Down a few flights of stairs, I had reached the room. I floated above the grand piano, then sat down on the bench. I started warming up my fingers. 

(ugh, sorry I'm inactive. I am going away for a while,so I might miss a lot of RPs. I'll be back after while but until then...*tear rolls off eye* go on without me. I'll be back)

(( D: Bye, Annelise))

Sheila pushes my back, and my head jerks down and slams on the piano. "DUN DUN DUNNNNN!" She screams, and I roll my eyes. I pull my head back up, and fix my hair. I restarted, and made it completely through Unwritten and Blonde together. 

((You should follow me on instagram! ;D))

I started to play Turning Tables, then. "Close enough to start a war. All that I have is on the floor. God only knows what we're fighting for. All that I say, you always say more. I can't keep up with your turning tables. Under your thumb, I can't breathe. I won't let you close enough to hurt me. No; I won't rescue. You would just desert me. I can't give you what you think you give me. It's time to say good bye. The turning tables. The turning tables." I sing, still playing along. 

((Mine is yomamaisyomama_13 XDDDD I posted a picture that said 'Whoever writes my name best in emoji's gets to change my name and one boy did it best and he said my name shall be yomamaisyomama so I added 13 to it XD))

I continue to sing, and play, until someone opened the door, causing it to be silent. "Dun dun dunnn." Sheila silently whispers, and she then pushes me, my face slamming into the piano again. 

((PFFFFT Love you too, Riley. XD))


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