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Online Target Dance Class Packs can be discounted and refunded in-store

For those of you who ordered the Target-exclusive Dance Class pack online (for $55 or more), you can take the packing slip in to Target and get the price adjusted to the $30 sale price. I just did it myself and got a refund of $53 (on two packs together).


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They don't have to have the new 5 pack in the store? If not I'll do it tomorrow before they change the prices after they finish the reset.

Nope. I did bring in the boxes, so they had the code on the back, but I am not sure you really need to do that.


Ok thanks .

malinablue said:

Nope. I did bring in the boxes, so they had the code on the back, but I am not sure you really need to do that.


Amazor! Thank you!

Would they still give you a refund if you opened the box already...but still have the packing slip and bring it to the store?

I think they would, but it would probably depend on the store and which clerk you got. Mine were opened, but the dolls had not all been removed yet. The clerk I had was super-nice and I bet she would not have given me a problem even if I had not brought the boxes in. If you try one Target and they say no, I would try another or come back later in the day when the clerks are different. I think those clerks have a bit of discretion, but some are nicer than others.


Sweet:) thanks malinablue..... I will defiantly have to try booth of my Targets near me tomorrow

just a fyi the 5 pack sale ends Aug 10th

What did you say to them? Just that you wanted to see if they would do a price adjustment? I'm so bad at doing things like this but for $25 it sure is worth a try!
Thanks Robert Hughes:) I will defiantly have to go return it soon.
Where's the sale listed? I don't remember seeing it marked down in The store and I stopped in on Monday. Just want to have my ducks in a row when I go in there tomorrow for a refund.

I just took it up there, said I bought this online for $55, then heard from friends that it was selling for $30 -the exact same set - in stores. I said, "Could I possibly return this and buy it again for the sale price?" She said, "No problem. I'll just adjust your receipt and refund you the difference." She was really nice about it. Target clerks are NOTHING like Wal-Mart clerks, who generally look at you always like you're trying to get away with something. I took with me - the boxes (opened), the packing slip and my credit card. I had the receipt that I printed out from my online order, but she never asked for it. The packing slip does not show prices, but when they scan the bar code on the slip, they know what you paid.



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