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‘Monster High’ Live-Action TV Movie & Animated Series Reboot Set By Nickelodeon & Mattel

EXCLUSIVE: Monster High, the ghoulish toy line, is getting another stab at television with a new animated series and the franchise’s first live-action project.

Nickelodeon and Mattel have teamed up on two projects featuring the Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and Frankie Stein characters.

The ViacomCBS-owned network will premiere the two projects in 2022.

The animated series will follow the characters as they navigate the hilarity of high school in the hallowed halls of Monster High. It will be showrun by Shea Fontana, who has worked on DC Superhero Girls. Claudia Spinelli, SVP Animation Development,  is overseeing the project for Nickelodeon, and Christopher Keenan, SVP Content Development, is overseeing for Mattel.

A slew of Monster High animated episodes, including specials, have been produced starting in 2010 with a handful of specials airing on Nickelodeon.

On the live-action side, Jenny Jaffe, who wrote on the Big Hero 6 TV series and is working on the new version of Rugrats, will write a TV movie musical event alongside Greg Erb and Jason Oremland (Princess and the Frog). Production on the Monster High movie is being overseen by Nickelodeon’s SVP Live-Action Zack Olin and SVP Live-Action Scripted Content Shauna Phelan. Mattel exec producer Adam Bonnett is also working across both.

“These classic monsters have always captured kids’ imaginations and we are so excited and proud to welcome Monster High to our brand for a new generation of kids,” said Ramsey Naito, President of Nickelodeon Animation. “We have terrific partners on board at Mattel to create original content in different formats, and, with the expertise of the Nick creative team helmed by Claudia Spinelli on the animation development side, and Zack Olin and Shauna Phelan on the live-action side, we can’t wait to showcase the comedy and adventure of these characters as they defy expectations and take on the world.”

Monster High’s strong message of inclusivity is more relevant than ever,” said Fred Soulie, General Manager, Mattel Television. “Nickelodeon shares our passion for the brand and its purpose having worked on the franchise when it first launched more than a decade ago. They are the ideal partners to bring these beloved characters and their stories to life through episodic television and the live-action television movie.”

“We could not be more excited to work with Ramsey, Claudia, Zack, Shauna, our writers and the entire Nickelodeon animation and live-action teams to introduce Monster High to a new audience,” added Mattel’s Bonnet. “This property has always resonated deeply with fans and our reimagination of the franchise will focus on addressing important themes of identity and empowerment for kids today.”


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My basic Frankie has yellow discolouration near the hairline due to the evil glue despite several talcum powder treatments. Abbey discolours easily near the hairline too for the same reason. Spectra is so white, she has the tendency to turn yellow. Cleo and Clawdeen did not discolour despite glue seepage. The unrealistic skin colours tend to discolour easily anyway without the glue issue.

I can't understand why Mattel used this disgusting  glue for so long. It infuriates me! Let's hope they will not use it for the new MH dolls.

I can't collect the new MH. I really have no space left. I might buy one or two that I really like but that will be it. I'll stick to the originals.

I don't think it will be as good as the originals. I doubt it. It never is. Mattel might do a good job. The Cave Club are well articulated and have good face paint so they can do it well enough.

yeah same, my original release dolls are pretty much ruined from the glue which is why I wouldn't mind replacements especially now that they've finally( hopefully) ditched the dreaded glue.

the new dolls depends on what they look like, they would need to be exceptional for me to get any. I too cant get into another doll line...Ive already decided to pass on LOL and Rainbow High (save for the one Poppy I got.) But I have a feeling they'll be even more generic and kid friendly then the 2nd gen reboot, and with the continued emphasis on diversity and female empowerment they really can never go back to the edge the original line had. I think diversity and empowerment in toy lines is great but I dont really think it works all that well with monster themed dolls.

I hope they stopped using the glue. I have no idea. I only bought 2 Cave Club dolls recently. They are the only Mattel dolls I bought. I haven't bought any of the Barbie Extra dolls. For the same price, I prefer an omg.

I really have no space left. I tried to reorganise my dolls and toys. It turned into a nightmare. I love thrifting, it does not help. I am selective but I will have to be mega selective in boot sales this year!

I have very few RH and I don't plan to collect much more. I would like Karma but if I don't add her to my collection, I don't mind. I can't be bothered! The Rainbow High craze on Youtube irritates me (it seems I am becoming old and grumpy! lol). This obsession with diversity is becoming annoying too. I have stopped watching many channels and reviews. Most of them sound like a broken record. It is a bit exhausting. I am not crazy about Rainbow High dolls. I find them a bit lifeless. Omgs are another story! I love them. I know I will adopt a few more in the future.

We'll see. I hope the new MH dolls will not be more generic and kid friendly than the reboot. It would be a disaster and the line will fail if they do that.

The original MH was truly an amazing doll line. It will be impossible to recreate this. I feel like you, the new dolls would have to be exceptional to tempt me!

I still buy Barbie dolls and they haven't been using the glue for a few years now but you never know.

OMGs and RH have the same problem for me, they're basically the same head mold with different color face paint/hair. I do really like the clothes.

I just hope if they re-release the original MH line-up dolls they are not crazy expensive and easily available. Like the horror themed ones from last year. Not sure what they originally cost but its crazy what they are selling for now.

The horror ones were not easily available in Europe, as usual. I like the twins. They were quite expensive originally but I don't remember the exact price.

I know what you mean about RH and omgs. I think the omgs manage to look more different from each others than RH. The clothes are lovely but they would be destroyed easily in the hands of children. You can't really put them on and off easily. They are fragile and totally unsuitable for play. The original MH clothes were fine for play. They would last.

We'll see. I am not even looking forward to it. It is kind of sad in a way. I think having too many dolls stresses me so badly it ruins the hobby a bit! lol

I would like a Barbie Extra but they cost £30 here. It is too much I think. 


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