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Since the Bratz are back (again) lol i thought i'd make a an official thread

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same message as before or just out of stock?

Jade's back up now so that didn't last long huh?


Thank you for the image, C.

I absolutely love the colors that they used for Cloe here, and I love the face mold that they gave to her, but that facial screening is atrocious! SHEESH!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Bratz’s “response” to the new line 

wow... just.. wow... the arrogance of that statement. "we have many customers who are happy" yeah but you also have MANY who aren't you assholes.

I mean jesus.. how much can they bury their heads in the sand?

What a dumpster fire.

We take great pride in our newest lines, well I pity them. 

just fob off the blame to Amazon cause they can't be arsed to deal with it. 


They take this?

That says a lot about them as a company.


So....MGA is essentially excusing their current Quality Control issues by falling back on the fans who are the least concerned about them.

I'm gazing into a crystal ball, and I see a lot of current Bratz fans leaving the fandom during MGA's future. I hope that MGA will be appreciative of a majorly reduced fanbase....and "many happy (or, in this case, miserable) returns". LOL!

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 


Oof! I just now realized (or maybe I re-realized....LOL!) that that Cloe image that C shared shows a serious lack of eyeshadow underneath Cloe's right eye, as in there's absolutely no eyeshadow there! Wow!  : O

Yasmin's been pulled now. the others are back up.

but that means all four girls have now been pulled and reviewed by Amazon.

I wonder if that means they'll be okay now, seems a pretty big risk to take.

well MGA FINALLY made a statement about it. Way too late.

they said to return to amazon (because amazon should shoulder all that right? and customers should have to go through the inconvenience of having to return parcels with no compensation, yep, seems fair)

and if we still aren't happy they'll send one they've personally scrutinised.

maybe they should do that FIRST!

or... here's a radical idea, have someone at amazon or the factory doing this in the first fricken place!

it might explain why the youtubers all got "perfect" dolls though. If theirs came via mga themselves rather than amazon.

I told them that until they sort this crap out and ensure every doll that leaves their factory is perfect, many of us will not be buying and many who did have already given up on getting a suitable replacement and just demanded a refund.

it's an absolute wreck.

I still would rather like Cameron and maybe Sasha but not for £50 each and certainly not when there's a very very high percentage chance they'll be errored and their clothing will be damaged.

that's not a gamble I feel comfortable taking and i'm sure i'm not alone in that.

already the bratz stans are turning on one another. There's a real divide between the ones who want to believe and support the company blindly and those who feel betrayed and robbed. There's people accusing others of making this error thing a bigger deal than it is because "the youtube people all got perfect ones!" and others pointing out that as members of facebook bratz groups of several thousand members a good 90% of them got errored dolls and that that's probably more representative than a paid reviewer.

It's all very sad.

Bratz stans are genuinely nuts but I think MGA really misjudged how much crap their fandom would actually tolerate. There's so much fighting on social media right now and it's ridiculous.

I'm disappointed in how these turned out.


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