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Hey Ghouls,

The official Monster High Twitter just posted 8 Hours ago that on November the 15th a new Abbey Collector Doll is coming to the market!

So far you can only pre-order her on the US Amazon but I hope She will come to other Countries too ♥

Here is the tweet;

Here you can pre-order:
here is what she is going to look like:

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Cool, thanks for sharing!

you're welcome :3

Such a shame it looks like she has the gappy joints and unremovable hands. *sigh*

poor abbey deserved better.

doesnt really personally bother me as I was planning not to do so^^
But you never know until she comes out I guess (:

given the promo images clearly show gaps, she's getting gappy joints. Mattel seem to have switched over to that defective body, I wonder if it's somehow cheaper to produce, like Toblerone Chocolate where they removed half the peaks to save money. Did they shave off plastic around each joint to save cash?

Either way, for a supposed "collector" line doll it really is unacceptable.

It's crappy and cheap to do on playline and looks horrendous (and feels fragile) but to do it with a supposedly deluxe doll too? that's taking the piss.

She isn't cheap at all, and there's no way her outfit justifies her price (so much fake fur... so.. so much)

On a related note, she's not on amazon uk yet.

You can also order her on the German Amazon now so just have a look if you are in a different country on your own amazon ^-^

Collector Abbey is currently listed as in stock on Mattel Shop:

Well, I ordered her from Mattel. There was no pre-order so I guess they just decided to screw the release date and put her out now. November was a ridiculous wait anyway for a one-off doll they've already had ready to go months and months ago by that point. They must have just wanted to gauge how many people were interested in the pre-order to help gauge how many they needed to make.

on amazon its still for pre order only guess you got lucky :D

Amazon is always so late with pre-orders I feel! It'll probably still be a pre-order until that release date lol

an image has popped up on tumblr of her in box and yes, as feared, gappy joints.



I mean the box even says "adult collector" so to put it on the crappy cheap defective body is just insulting.

Glad I hated this doll from the start, because i'd be so disappointed right now by the cheapness.

Curious to see if her outfit is balding in places or really cheaply constructed. It looks weird with teh fur chunks but are they decently attached or is it a hot mess of poor construction too?

I kinda hope for fan's sake at least SOMETHING about this doll isn't horrible.

I'm just going to put a bracelet on both wrists. The elbows are already covered up and the knees aren't a problem from front on. Sorted out. There's some reason Mattel has changed to this style, probably kids were taking their dolls apart and losing arms etc. so now they have an articulated doll that won't fall apart. They're definitely not defective though, this is no manufacturing issue. Cleo and Ghoulia probably would've had them too, but if you look that set was made in 2016 - before gap joints.


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