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Do you guys name your duplicate dolls? Like if you have two different hairdorables Noah dolls, do you give the other a different name? I name all my dolls! For example, this is Camilla and this is Vixen. Do you guys do this, and if so, what are some of the names you came up with?

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Hello, not a cat,

Heck, yeah! I have SOOO many duplicate dolls that are going into storage soon that I can't always keep TRACK of their names, ESPECIALLY when it comes to those darned addictive My Scenes.

Let me see if my memory serves me correctly....LOL....with regard to some of the names:

* I have FIVE Swappin' Styles 2 Smirky Madison dolls (Correct order? = Autumn, ?, Desert, Mira, and Molly)

* I have 3 Swappin' Styles Barbie dolls (Retro Face) (Correct order?) = Carly, Kimberly "Kim", and Carla

* I have two My Bling Bling Chelsea dolls (Fiorella Rori and Roomelda)

* I have two Secret Locker Madison dolls (Veruca and Mary Ann)

* I have two Hollywood Bling Chelsea dolls (Leia and Bella....Leia played Eponine in my "Les Mis" photo series, and Bella is currently without face paint, and needs to be given a face....LOL!)

I could go on....and on....but you get the idea. There are so many different PERSONALITIES, too. Desert is a cowgirl, while Mira is 80s and Molly is innocent / pure / sweet. Kim's sisters are kind of sad and bitter, while Kim is way more easygoing and fun-loving. Fiorella Rori is sort of a fancy girl who owns a white cat, but her twin is a free spirit who shops at thrift stores and keeps company with Laura Kate, a Masquerade Madness Barbie that I got at an antique store....from the bargain bin. Veruca is very spoiled, but Mary Ann would rather go barefoot and be a lot more natural.

This next bit of info. isn't actually about duplicates, but I fell in love with the idea of Betsy and Barbara McCall (McCall's characters from way back when), and I decided to turn two My Scenes into those characters, of my Swappin' Styles 2 Chelsea dolls (Toothpaste grin face) is Betsy, and City Style Barbie is Barbara. Now....I just need to get them some high-fashion clothing.

Well, hot dogs are on for dinner, and I'm hungry. LOL! Gotta dash! ;)

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Its cool that you do this too! I love your dolls stories!

Hello, not a cat,

Thanks! There are more where those stories came from, 'cause I have enough My Scene dolls to choke a HORSE! LOL!

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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