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i wanna show you my new Custom =) .

Her name is Itsy Bitsy Spider  she is the daughter Black Widow.   


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holy crap this is AMAZING! please make more!!! how did u do the eyes?

This is absolutely amazing. Very detailed and original. A work of art.

@ Awesomess and gore halloweenist

thank you =).

I do the eyes with aquarell-pens and fineliner 

That is a REALLY unique perspective on making a spider MH doll! You usually only see it done with the arms, but this is very creative!

What an awesome idea!  Her eyes are beautiful :)


Love her eyes!!! And the red hair choice is superb! The legs are magnificent, what a great over all idea!

I've wanted to do something like this with the legs myself. Yours is beautiful, and I never would have thought to give her extra eyes. I love the face a lot. Awesome work.

One word, stunning! <3

Thank you @all , i´m so happy *3*


She's beautiful! How did you make the legs stay like that?



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