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"Monster High" Vs. "Vempirina": Why I can't stomach the Pepto pink flavor of the replacement for "Monster High".


This is going to be something of a rant, but, for Draculaura's sake....and Dracula's, something sickeningly sweet is happening over at Disney, and it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth, anyway:

So, as many of you know, there's this new vampire on the block, and her name is Vampirina. She's the property of The Disney Company (She features heavily on their "Disney Junior" lineup), and her mother looks like Mrs. Adams from "The Adams Family", while her father could replace either of the Dicks (Sargent or York) on reruns of "Bewitched". Gag me with a spoon!

This kid looks freaky, with pigtails that literally look like bat wings, and she sounds like a standard "Sesame Street" kid, with no hint of an accent whatsoever....and with pinched, too-annunciated vowels everywhere.

I have nothing against bland-sounding children starring in "Disney Junior" shows for little tots, but, please, for the love of Draculaura, Disney, couldn't you have created something that was original, exciting, and not so sugar-coated that I would be begging for The Barf Bucket?

I mean, Vampirina herself is a knock-off of Draculaura / Fangelica. Then, we have that now-tired message about tolerance, which "Monster High" pulled off so well because it was a little more original back then.

Finally, let's examine the case of the theme songs. Which would you rather listen to, and which would you rather grab your ear plugs at the very thought of, so that you might avoid it?

The lyrics of the second song is sort of catchy, but it panders to SJW lingo, and it even mimics the 1988 "Pippi Longstocking" movie song in some ways, too.

Heck! I'd even take "The Adventures of The Ghoul Squad"! 

They were at least ghoul sleuths, rescuing lost monsters, rather than just repeating, "We're freaky, but we're just like you!"-type messages over and over....and over....LOL!

I just know that someday, I'm gonna be at a health appointment, and the "Vampirina" theme song is gonna be ringing in my ears from a T.V. nearby....reminding me about how much better "Monster High" once was....  :(

I'm going to be curious, though, to know weather or not Vampirina can hold water, with regard to her appeal with the kids! They're the target audience, so let's see weather or not they bite on Disney's new, extended bat wings.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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Oh my ghoul! Her puppy is named "Wolfie" Now, that's just insulting to my intelligence....and they copied my name! LOL!

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


Oh, and I hope that little kids don't get the idea that if their little sister is born looking blue, she's just like Vampirina, because, if that's the case, they're gonna be totes surprised when they realize that blue skin is not a sign of normalcy in people!

There is so much wrong with "Vampirina"....on so many levels....but, then again, "Sesame Street" made their characters blue, green, etc., but, then again....they didn't look so....human....Eesh!

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


sigh... Never was a Disney Girl when I was a child...

I like Pixar's animations as an adult. (they are not Disney stuff really)

I can't stand the Disney songs in most movies. I was in the Disney store recently and I heard a horrible torturing tune, it turned out to be a song from Frozen... It nearly made me run out of the shop. Screaming. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

As a child, the Vampirina tune would have terrified me.

Bye, Wolfie... ;-)

M  O  N  S  T  E  R ... Monsters Monsters yes we are!

I'm pretty sure there's some Elissabat in her somewhere too, I've seen toys, dolls and figures even adds on TV but I've always ignored them, I knew she would never be my cup of tea and that she would be a pre-school Draculaura MH knockoff, and I was right, there is also Nella the Princess Knight, not really a knock off of anything but it appears these two must have replaced Doc Mcstuffins and Sophia the First, as I don't think those shows are on anymore but to be completely honest I never payed any attention to them either, but hey at least they were more original, I never payed attention to Hotel Transylvania because I always thought that was a ripoff of MH somehow not directly but it did come after MH and MH was the only dark thing based on classic monsters I was into, but now seeing the trailer to the 3rd movie it appears Reboot MH ripped Hotel Transylvania off after all, I mean it has a blob that eats everything just like reboot MH do, and it's more softer than g1 MH, though MH is pretty much gone now and the supernatural trend so it's weird that Disney Junior would be so late with this copy. 

g1 MH all the way, with some aspects of the reboot, might give Hotel Transylvania a chance but never Vampirina. 

btw the name sucks, like a combo of a vampire and a ballerina that is like a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich with cheese and ketchup thrown in.  

I don't know, I really enjoy Vampirina and think this thread is hella negative lol. 

Child monsters as a trope for TV, movies, books, comics etc is not a concept that Monster High invented. And personally, I don't see much of a resemblance between Monster High and Vampirina. Sure, they look aesthetically similar...but that's just the Monster, paranormal, vampire theme they've got going on...again, Monster High didn't invent this aesthetic. 

The theme song is so catchy in my opinion, I've only watched about six episodes of the show in total and it's already stuck in my head on repeat, and I don't hate it. 

This show seems to just be latching onto the popularity of monsters and vampires in general...hotel transylvania is another one doing this. 

I seriously hate this idea that any new Monster series is a copy of Monster High...Monster High didn't invent the love of Monsters, the macabre and darker aesthetics in kids media. In fact, there were a few shows really similar to Monster High that I watched as a kid yeeeears before MH came to be. 

Vampirina is not trying to replace Monster High at's a completely different thing, if it were really trying to be anything like Monster High the main doll lines would be full of fashion dolls, not cute little figures and plushies. Vampirina is simply another brand/franchise latching onto the love of monsters and vampires that has been in the media long before, and will stick around long after Monster High.

I wouldn't say the character of vampirina holds any semblance to any MH characters either. There is a general 'aesthetic' that a vampire character usually has...have you not thought that maybe Draculaura, Fangelica and Elissabat are not really that original in terms of characters either? I'll agree on one point though, and that's that I wish Vampirina had an accent like her parents. But it's a show aimed at 4,5,6 year olds...they have to make the main character relatable to the target audience which will be mostly American children. 

With Monster High slowly dying a death, vanishing off of our shelves...the toy sections are full of nothing but shopkins, LOL dolls, My little pony, and just pink, pink, pink...I'm happy to see a new ghoulish, ghostly, gothic image in the media and on the toy shelves. 

I welcome Vampirina with open arms. It's cute, and creepy cute at that. 


I have to admit that I have since decided that I kind of love the "Vampirina" theme song. I am willing to admit that I have only watched a compilation of portions of various episodes.

I don't really hate the show, but I just think that there have been so many vampire and monster-themed shows and toys out during the past eight years that it's almost like "Vempirina" is jumping onto a bandwagon.

As I said before, we'll see how the actual target audience responds....I'll be curious to see what happens, with regard to the show and the toys. 

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Thank you for these words of wisdom on the mob mentality site. I was just scrolling down to say them myself.

oh yeah, Hotel Transylvania the first film Mavis gets to sneak out of her home and first thing she does is fall for some the sequel she was already married and had a kid. Anyone else find that kinda creepy? They never really let her explore her freedom. I guess the tv show kind of does that, too bad all the other characters are obnoxious as hell. I do like her new dolls, very cute.

Yeah, the moment she turned '18', definitely creepy. Also catcalling jokes and stuff. She was literally just a plot device for the men in the story to interact, really annoying. I was so mad at the first one, I won't have anything to do with the rest.


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